Disclaimer & Copyright

Review posts on goodfoodgoodlife.wordpress.com are all strictly subjective and biased to reflect my own personal tasting experience.  I don’t receive or solicit monetary payment to write any reviews.  Should it be a free meal from food tasting, I would mention it so in the post.

The blog might use some pictures available by search from Google image for the template heading and background.  Some pictures from the website of the restaurants being reviewed might also be used.  However, all are strictly non-commercial, so I hope it would not be considered as copyright infringement. Should anyone feel that a picture on my blog is his/her copyright, please kindly let me know and I would remove it immediately.

Any pictures on this blog are free to use for non-commercial purposes.  Any writings on this blog are my intellectual property, so if you wish to use any post or a part of it, please do so by putting a credit or a hyperlink to this blog.



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