Ya-Udah Bistro

pork knuckle

Dear fellow tasters,

The posts from my December Jakarta trip are already concluded but before I move on to Bali, there are several posts from the two days I spent in Jakarta before flying off to Bali. The first is from lunch at Ya-Udah Bistro, an eatery that has existed since 2001 in Menteng area, Jakarta. I cannot really comprehend where the name Ya-Udah came from because “Ya udah” is actually a slang/informal term in Indonesian which literally means “Alright” or “It’s okay” in English. Well, ya udah, it doesn’t really matter anyway as long as it serves good food for an affordable price.

Ya-Udah Bistro serves up European and Indonesian menu but they go heavier on the German side with the bratwurst, bockwurst, kassler, pork knuckle and other Bavarian offerings. The place itself does not boast anything fancy, with just all the common necessities for a seated lunch or dinner with family, friends or acquaintances. Thus, the focus is more on the food, I suppose.

Actually I have been there once but it was a long long time ago and I didn’t get to try their famous pork knuckle. I was also curious to sample their roasted chicken which was highly recommended by some foodie friends. So, those were what the three of us ordered that afternoon. In fact, we had to book those signature dishes several days beforehand because both required quite some time to cook.

The pork knuckle’s description quoted from the menu is “A huge pork knuckle (approx 1.5-1.8 kilos) directly from the grill. Comes with cabbage salad, boiled potatoes and mustard”. And boy, it was huge!!! Served already cut into pieces to make it easier to eat, I would say it could easily feed four hungry to six less hungry people. My favorite piece had to be the one with the tender and pinkish inner meat layered with the crunchy and salty outer rind. Utter bliss!

the ya-udah roasted chicken

Then came the Ya-Udah Roasted Chicken with menu description such as this: “A mouth watering whole tender 1.3 kilo spring chicken, tastily and crispy-roasted direct from the Ya-Udah Bistro grill and a choice of standard side dish”. There are actually two options for the chicken: Cajun spiced or honey garlic glazed and my friends suggested we opted for the latter. The chicken appeared ravenous and sexy in glowing brown and tasted delightfully delectable with succulent and juicy meat on the inside and sure enough, just like its description, tasty and crispy skin on the outside.

As there were only three of us, we ended up with extremely full bellies and plenty pork knuckle left over to take away. Nevertheless, I don’t think that will deter us from coming back to Ya-Udah Bistro to try other dishes from the menu or simply to enjoy some more pork knuckle and roasted chicken deliciousness.

Udah ya makan Ya-Udah-nya 😛

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – pork knuckle and roasted chicken
What to try next time – other Bavarian specialties
Food rating 3 star
Price rating $$
Ambiance rating 2 star
Service rating 2 star
Damage – 225k for pork knuckle, 91k for roasted chicken

Ya-Udah Bistro
Jl. Johar 15 Gondangdia
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10350
T / +6221 314 0343 / +6221 3909010

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