Union Deli

union deli interior

Dear fellow tasters,

Behold the latest spin-off of the ever popular Union by Union Group who already brings about Union, Loewy, Canteen, Cork & Screw, and many more existing and upcoming hip and trendy yet definitely smoker-friendly restaurants, wine bars and other eateries.  Union Deli, now open on the ground floor of East Mall Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, serves up New York inspired sandwiches, baked goods, chic desserts, and it is already bustling with hungry delicatessen customers and lifestyle goers alike.

Me, I’m kind of in a love and hate situation with regards to new eating joints.  Most of the times, it is all just about the hype and the crowd but when it comes to the food, it is totally blah and disastrous.  Fortunately, Union Deli fails to join those overrated restaurants category, otherwise I won’t really bother writing a post about it anyway.

My visit there was still from my December Jakarta visit when I just happened to be in Grand Indonesia to meet up with some friends for an afternoon movie.  But movie with an empty belly can be quite painful, so I decided to have lunch first at Union Deli, alone.  The place is not really spacious yet boasting a typical American style interior with wooden chairs, tables and plush sofas, white-bricked wall and framed pictures of random subjects, complete with snobbish and ever-so-busy-looking waiting staffs, and sure enough, disregarding the imminent threat of lung cancer and other disgusting diseases, no distinct separation between the smoking and the non-smoking section.  Thankfully, albeit getting seated in the smoking area, no smokers were spotted that afternoon.

memphis barbecue

As for my orders, I opted for the Memphis Barbecue from the sandwiches menu, the signature Red Velvet Pie and Pandan Glazed Doughnut for dessert, and Hazelnut Latte to drink.  Verdict: the Memphis Barbecue with pulled pork, Memphis Barbecue sauce, coleslaw, pretzel bun was quite delightful although it looked more like a burger than a sandwich or pretzel for all I care.  The pulled pork was generous and it tasted wonderful with the tangy sweet and savory barbecue sauce.  I am not really a fan of coleslaw, but the slaw here gave the sandwich an overall crunch and texture.  The potato chips that came with the sandwich did not really stand out.

red velvet pie and pandan glazed doughnut

Next, the Red Velvet Pie which everybody thinks is the invention of the century.  I quite enjoyed it though it was not something wow for me.  A friend warned me that I would be better off ordering the good old Red Velvet Cake rather than the pie and I couldn’t really disagree with her.  The pie was if I may say, a mix up of rum-heavy cream on top of red velvet pie crust I suppose, topped with red velvet crumble.  That’s all.  Well, the same friend also recommended me the Pandan Glazed Doughnut yet I’d say it was pretty similar with Krispy Kreme sugar glazed one, with just a hint of pandan flavor in it, so don’t take my words seriously on it.

Wrapping up this post, lunch at Union Deli was quite enjoyable and I might even go back there and try other dishes such as the Union Burger with foie gras, Philly Cheesesteak sandwich or Pastrami Fried Rice.  Until next time, cheers!

Happy eating!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – memphis barbecue
What to try next time – another sandwich, another dessert
Food rating 3 star
Price rating $$$
Ambiance rating 2 star
Service rating 2 star
Damage – 230k for all

Union Deli
Central Department Store, Ground Floor
Grand Indonesia, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
T / +6221 2358 0476 / +6221 2355 1803-04 / +6221 2355 1806

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