Itacho Sushi

supreme sea eel

Dear fellow tasters,

Sushi is definitely something I would put on the list whenever I have the chance to visit Jakarta because believe it or not, there are no sushi restaurants here in Pekalongan. So sad, isn’t it? So for lunch before departing to Bali, a lady friend and I decided to try Itacho Sushi, a recently opened sushi chain store in Grand Indonesia. Apparently, Itacho Sushi is a quite popular restaurant chain in Singapore, Hong Kong and China because it serves good and affordable sushi.

We arrived early that late morning, around 11am to avoid the busy lunch hours. The shop appeared to just open its business and there were still few customers which was a good thing because as soon as the customers came flooding in, the service unfortunately worsened.

roasted fatty salmon

From the quite extensive menu, here’s what we ordered.  What appeared first were the Steamed Egg with Crab (Chawanmushi) and mini Unagi (Eel) Don. As one of my favorite Japanese dishes, the chawanmushi surely was no disappointment. It was delicate and silky with added flavor from the crab meat. No complaint either for the unadon, though the unagi definitely was not enough to be shared for us two. Then came three plates of sushi, the Roasted Fatty Salmon, Yellow Tail, and Scallop and Avocado Roll. All were very enjoyable although I’ve had better roasted salmon (salmon aburi) sushi elsewhere. I was also extremely intrigued by the spicy red strands put around the scallop and avocado roll because I couldn’t really figure out what they are. My guess is saffron, what’s yours?

roasted egg with seaweed and crab

By the time we finished the sushi, the restaurant was fully packed by hungry sushi lovers and a line of waiting list already formed outside. No wonder we had to wait a long time for the Roasted Egg with Seaweed and Crab (tamagoyaki) to show up. However, since my friend was waiting for her friend to join us, we placed another order for two more sushi, the Roasted Saury and Supreme Sea Eel, again because we still craved more unagi. Well, the supreme sea eel (anago) was pretty much close to unagi and I especially loved how they served a whole slice of anago on top of the shari. Simply sublime!

いただきます。 Itadakimasu!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – supreme sea eel
What to try next time – anything
Food rating 3 star
Price rating $$
Ambiance rating 2 star
Service rating 1 star
Damage – 333k for all

Itacho Sushi
Grand Indonesia Level 3A Unit FD 1-10
T / +6221 2358 1228
F / +6221 2358 1228

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