cafe TOO

cafe too, island shangri-la hong kong

Dear fellow tasters,

On the last day of my Hong Kong trip, my friend and I deemed it appropriate to go for a splurge and have Tuesday brunch (well, it’s not Sunday but who cares?) at a five-star hotel buffet restaurant.  The finalists were the fabulous buffet at The Peninsula or the slightly cheaper option at Island Shangri-la.  The vote went to the later because my Hong Kong friend, Annie has a member card which entitled us for 20% discount from the normal price (but I’ll definitely go to Peninsula the next time around).  So, there we were, three starving people ready for a big feast at cafe TOO.  I wonder what is with the ‘too’ suffix in the Shangri-la all day dining restaurants.  We have Satoo too in Shangri-la Jakarta.  Well, nevermind about that.

After surveying all the mouthwatering food stations at the airy and finely-decorated dining area, I filled up my first plate with the fresh sushi and sashimi and picked up some surf clam sashimi which I had never had before.  Next stop was the fresh seafood station with the mussels and prawns.  I liked the smaller prawns because it tasted sweeter than the big ones.  Then it was time to go Chinese and piled up the roasted pork, duck and chicken, crisp suckling pig, dim sum and xiao long bao.

Afterwards, I moved to the meatloaf station and grabbed a slice, scooped out some other Western dishes and got myself a cute mini teppanyaki burger.  The next plate was full with Indian cuisines – delicious curries, chutneys, naan and pappadam.  All of those left little room in my stomach but I still managed to go for another round of sashimi and snatched some of those elusive unagi slices.

The dessert station spoiled us with so many options: all sorts of cakes, Chinese desserts, ice cream.  I picked out several cakes but my favorite would be the mango cheesecake.  I also liked the light and refreshing osmanthus jelly.  Ice cream was on the last round for me that afternoon, four scoops of cold creamy indulgence, baileys, green tea, and two other flavors I couldn’t recall.

“The belly rules the mind.” –Spanish Proverb

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – sashimi, roast pork, fresh prawns, Indian selection, desserts
What to try next time – I’ll go for a splurge to Nadaman or Petrus next time
Food rating 3 star
Price rating $$$
Ambiance rating 3 star
Service rating 3 star
Damage 348 HKD (+10% service charge) for the normal buffet price

cafe TOO
Island Shangri-La, Pacific Place
Supreme Court Rd
Admiralty, Hong Kong
Ph: +852 2820 8571

4 responses to “cafe TOO

  1. dr. B: that’s why I piled up on those pork 😛 Well, Satoo doesn’t serves pork for sure 😀

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