Tanamera Coffee

cafe latte

Dear fellow tasters,

Coffee shops are a dime a dozen nowadays in metropolitan Jakarta. Imported franchised shops, local chain stores, specialty coffee joints, all serve up casual to serious cups of coffee, as well as non-caffeinated drinks and accompanying food to avid coffee lovers and urban lifestyle devotees alike. Tanamera Coffee is one of those coffee shops, riding on the waves of happening coffee culture in Jakarta, and a spot I had a chance to try one fine morning during my short transit there.

Tanamera, probably named after “tanah merah” meaning red soil where the coffee plants grow and produce their coffee beans, is located in Thamrin City Office Park, just between Grand Indonesia complex and Thamrin City shopping center. Nonetheless, that morning my friend and I managed to get stupidly lost trying to find the shop and after several detours and wrong turns, we finally succeeded to reach Tanamera’s coffee where another friend had waited quite a while there and apparently had finished her coffee and cake because she had to go to work soon afterwards.

Interior wise, the shop is dominated by black woods and yellow lights, with a line of tables on one side and the coffee machine, cake slash pastry display, bar-like counter and the cashier on the other side. There appeared to be a back area and a second floor but they were pretty much deserted. Quiet morning, I suppose.

banana caramel

We only ordered a couple of hot drinks, Cafe Latte for me and Cappuccino for my lady friend. For the pairing, we opted for the Apple Crumble and the highly recommended Banana Caramel cake.  I can’t really say much about the coffee because I’m no coffee expert but I pretty much enjoyed them, moreover with the beautiful pleasing-to-the-eye latte art. My friend’s cappuccino tasted a bit strong for her liking so she exchanged hers with my latte.

I don’t usually say the best this or that but I’ll make an exception this time. Thus for the food, I’d say the banana caramel was hands down the best banana cake I’ve ever tasted. The cake was moist and flavorful, laden with melting chocolate chips inside and a sweet layer of caramel on top. The apple crumble also tasted quite nice yet less memorable.

Have you had your cuppa coffee today?

The taster’s notes:
Favorite food – banana caramel
What to try next time – red latte, sandwich, breakfast menu
Food/coffee rating 3 star
Price rating $$
Ambiance rating 2 star
Service rating 2 star
Damage – my friend’s treat

Tanamera Coffee
Thamrin City Office Park AA 07
M / +62821 1351 6369
T / +6221 2962 5599
F / +6221 2962 5598

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