baconerie breakfast

Dear fellow tasters,

On my second day in Jakarta, my friends and I planned to have an early breakfast at a newly opened spot in Kemang, named Baconerie Kitchen and Bakery.  Despite the morning downpour and the cancellation of a party member, the three of us managed to arrive there unscathed, ready for our dose of bacon goodness.  As the name suggests, Baconerie is place for bacon (Did I just say bacon again? And no, it’s not beef bacon as mostly served here in Indonesia) and its porky friends.  Well, more precisely it serves artisanal local natural cured meats such as bacon, ham and pastrami, as well as offering baked goods, condiments and jams to dine in or to take away.

The interior itself is not that spacious, with a line of several tables on one side and the counter, cash register and open kitchen on the other side, but the smell of fried bacon wafting in the air was good enough to wake us up from our dreams, just like a loving mother sweetly calling her children for breakfast.  There also appears to be a second floor area but apparently it was not opened that day, so we settled for a table on the corner near the kitchen.

From the all day breakfast menu, we decided to share a Baconerie Platter with soft scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage patties, mushroom, tomato jam, side salad and flamed toast.  We also chose a Ham and Cheese Scone from the baked goods display and ordered some hot drinks to wash the food down: mocha, hot chocolate and English breakfast tea.  The platter was definitely wonderful and we especially loved the juicy and uber delish sausage patties.  The scone was quite enjoyable as well, with only one comment from me: more ham please!!!

candied bacon and slices of country ham

After all that, we still itched to order some more and opted to go with the Candied Bacon and extra sliced Country Ham, ditching the super promising Baconerie Burger because we thought we still had one more place to go for brunch.  It was a decision which my friend Anthony and I still regretted until this day!  Nevertheless, the sweet and crunchy candied bacon perfectly contrasting with the salty and tasty ham was truly a match made in heaven.  Will we come back for more Baconerie experience?  We absolutely will.

Enjoy your bacon and be a pork lover!

PS: Some photography done by Anthony Lee, do visit his Instagram antzl33!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – breakfast sausage patties, candied bacon
What to try next time – Baconerie burger
Food rating 4 star
Price rating $$
Ambiance rating 2 star
Service rating 2 star
Damage – 280k for all

The Grove @ Kemang
Jl. Benda No. 1C, Kemang
T / +6221 7883 8291 / 0821 1205 7725

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