Dear fellow tasters,

Some of you may be wondering why there has been no new post in this blog since more than one year ago.  I will not talk about the reason why but I would only like to apologize for having to put this blog on a hiatus.  Hopefully it is a temporary thing and I will be able to resume blogging some time again in the future.

Apologies are also due for all parties who had invited me on events, dinners or tastings of which I hadn’t had the chance to write a post about them, especially but not limited to the following:

  •  Macaroni House
  • Atavola
  • The Soup Spoon
  • Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta and Rosso
  • Dimatique
  • Boga Catering
  • Pasta de Waraku
  • Grand Melia Jakarta and Tien Chao
  • Paradise Inn
  • Bonchon Chicken

Lastly, I would also like to apologize that I regretfully have to decline all invitations sent to my email and that I won’t be able to reply to any future emails or comments on this blog.

Until we meet again.  Au revoir.  Auf wiedersehen.



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