Starbucks Autumn Gathering 2012

sea salt caramel mocha

Dear fellow tasters,

For autumn this year of 2012, Starbucks Indonesia presents delectable autumn food, VIA(r)-based delicacies, two blends of whole bean coffees, and a special seasonal beverage.  All of these were launched last week at an intimate media and food enthusiasts gathering at Starbucks Kota Kasablanka.

First, the autumn food.  There are four of them.  For coconut lovers, there’s the purple yam coconut cake.  It may look like a purple version of red velvet cake but instead of beetroot, yams are used and the cake is layered with coconut cream and desiccated coconut.  Next, I really enjoyed the light and tasty smoked chicken apple on sundried tomato foccacia.  But my favorite would have to be the valencia tart.  It was chocolaty and orangey, very delicious!  The last one is the jalapeno cheese roll, a savory and spicy bun with cheese, jalapeno and onion.

We also tasted three VIA(r)-based food items, the snowflake land, mocha land, and everybody’s favorite, the VIA(r) red velvet cake.  The pairing for all the sweetness was a sip of brewed coffee from Starbucks Autumn Blend, combining Sumatran and Guatemalan coffee beans to conjure up a full bodied and herbal flavor.  On this occasion, Starbucks also launched the Starbucks Anniversary Blend, a blend of coffee beans from different regions, which you can find at your nearest Starbucks store.

Well, I saved the best for last.  This beverage is a must try and it’s called the sea salt caramel mocha, available hot, iced or as frappuccino.  It surely is the latest trend from Starbucks to incorporate saltiness into a drink by sprinkling sea salt and turbindo sugar into a mocha.  It may sound weird but the end result tastes very very nice.  And since it’s seasonal, it will only be available starting tomorrow, September 11 until November 5.  Be sure not to miss it!!!

“No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee’s frothy goodness.” –Sheik Abd-al-Kadir

The taster’s notes:
Favorite coffee/food – valencia tart, sea salt caramel mocha
Food/coffee rating 3 star
Price rating $

Starbucks Indonesia

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