Marutama Ra-men – Ohayou Bloggers!!! Breakfasting Event

marutama ra-men with tamago

Dear fellow tasters,

Last week, I was invited by Marutama Ra-men for the “Ohayou Bloggers!!! Breakfasting Event”.  Actually I’ve been to Marutama Ra-men several times before but only at their eX Plaza Indonesia branch, and most of the time I only ordered from the ramen menu.  This time, the event was held at the Sentral Senayan restaurant and there was more than just ramen to try.

A bit of background about Marutama Ra-men, it was brought to Indonesia by Gading Food working together with the Tetsuya Kudo, the owner and chef of Marutama Ra-men in Japan.  Up till now, it has opened 5 branches in Jakarta, as well as international presence in 5 other countries, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.  Another trivia on Marutama, Chef Kudo’s wife is a former Japanese basketball athlete, so a basketball is chosen for its logo as an expression of love from the chef.

After a glass of warm sweet tea for the guests who actually broke their fasting, we started with a sampler of Marutama’s Japanese appetizers: yaki gyoza (grilled chicken dumpling), tori karaage (deep-fried chicken chunk), and dashimaki (omelet).  All tasted quite nice.  I especially liked the tasty dashimaki and crisp succulent karaage.

Then it was time for a bowl of the signature Marutama ra-men, complete with the tamago (half boiled seasoned egg) topping.  The first slurp of the toripaitan soup, the rich savory chicken broth made from chicken bones requiring 5 hours of cooking, was like love at first sight, only so much better.  Then there was the silky thin straight stripes of homemade ramen noodle, topped with tasty chicken char siu, aosa (seaweed), and scallion.  I personally liked to add the fried garlic condiment to the ramen to give it a more garlic kick.  Not to forget mentioning, having the tamago in the ramen was a first for me and I loved how it was fully cooked on the outside but half boiled on the inside.  Oishi desu!

Feeling almost full, I still managed to enjoy the delicious Marutama nabe (hot pot), also a first time try.  Using the same toripaitain soup like the ramen, the nabe soup tasted lighter and sweeter from the daikon (raddish), cabbage, and other vegetables cooked in it.  In the pot, I saw some chicken and fish slices, prawns, fish balls, chikuwa, tofu, shitake and enoki mushrooms, daikon, cabbage, and more.  Then from the leftover nabe soup added with rice and egg, we had some delightful zosui made (some kind of rice porridge/soup).

The last item to end the evening was the dorayaki ice cream dessert.  We had ogura (red bean) for the topping, but there is an option for pepper (interesting!) and edamame on the menu.  Also, the actual portion of the dorayaki ice cream has two dorayaki and is served with both orange and apple slices.

Last of all, arigato Juli-san and Marutama Ra-men for inviting me.  I had a great time with all the delicious food and the wonderful company.

ごちそうさまでした。 Gochisōsama-deshita!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – marutama ra-men, tamago, nabe
What to try next time – other ramen and other items from the menu
Food rating 3 star
Price rating $$
Ambiance rating 2 star
Service rating 2 star

Marutama Ra-men
Sentral Senayan 1, Basement Floor #10 BC
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan
Jakarta Pusat 10270
Ph: +6221 572 4050
Fax: +6221 572 4050

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