Paradise Inn

paradise inn

Dear fellow tasters,

Paradise Inn is a casual Chinese restaurant recently opened on the basement level of Plaza Indonesia.  Paradise Inn is a part of Paradise Group from Singapore and the Jakartan branch is the second Paradise restaurant under Boga Group, after Paradise Dynasty in Plaza Senayan.  Just like the name, the restaurant is set like a traditional Chinese Inn but with a contemporary modern influences.  Several weeks ago, I was invited to the soft opening with other food bloggers and we had a wonderful time tasting an array of dishes from the menu, including classic Chinese cuisines, traditional double-boiled soup, and scrumptious desserts.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I joined a table of six and the others had already ordered drinks and food for the appetizers.  Some of them were having the herb/floral/fruit infused teas which are apparently one of Paradise Inn’s specialties.  I didn’t get to try the tea but decided to have the refreshing lychee mojito iced tea instead.  These are what we had to start the soft opening lunch: sliced tea-smoked duck, marinated jelly fish with vinaigrette, Teochew style crisp-fried prawn roll, crisp-fried seafood roll in wasabi mayo sauce and century egg served with pickled ginger.  All were pretty enjoyable but my favorite was the tender and delicious duck with a nice smokey tea flavor.

For main courses, we ordered a lot of dishes to share.  I mean, like really a lot *grin*.  The first was from Paradise Inn’s special double-boiled soups menu, the double-boiled pig stomach with spare ribs and white pepper.  The soup came in a big black pot and great for sharing.  Inside the pot were tender pig stomach and ribs in warm savory peppery broth.  Delicious!  The menu also says that the soup strengthens stomach functionalities and has slimming effects.  Pork and slimming, hmm.

From the meat menu, we ordered the Chinese style pan-fried beef fillet, sautéed venison with ginger and spring onions, imperial pork ribs and coffee pork ribs.  I liked the tasty and tender venison very much.  It is a rare delicacy to be found in restaurants, just don’t think of cute Bambi while eating them.  For the pork ribs, both are tasty but I liked the imperial over the coffee because the imperial pork ribs tasted more balanced while the coffee pork ribs were more on the sweet side.  We also ordered the stewed pork belly served with lotus bun with tasty pork belly and I ate two of them because nobody wanted the last one.  So more for me was good, I suppose.

To balance out the meat with vegetables, we also tried the sautéed scallops and asparagus with spicy homemade sauce and poached Chinese spinach with egg trio and minced pork in superior stock.  We also ordered one fish dish, the steamed pomfret fish with black bean and garlic sauce.  I liked the spicy sauce on the crunchy asparagus and the beautiful steamed pomfret with garlicky and salty black bean sauce.

Came dessert, we shared almost everything from the traditional Chinese desserts menu.  There were the chilled mango sago and mango pudding, warm ah balling with red bean sago, durian pancake, chilled lemongrass jelly with lemonade, and double-boiled hashima with red dates and dried longan.  My favorites were the sweet and tangy mango sago and of course the delicious durian pancakes, never enough just eating one piece of them.  Although most of the bloggers on my table were not really fond of the lemongrass jelly, I found it to be interestingly refreshing.  And a little bit digression on the hashima, did you know that according to wikipedia, it is made from the dried fatty tissue found near the fallopian tubes of true frogs?

All in all, it was a delectable Chinese lunch.  I really enjoyed the all the food and desserts.  Thank you Paradise Inn for having me over.

請慢用。 Please enjoy your meal slowly!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – double-boiled soup, venison, imperial pork ribs, pork belly bun, durian pancake
What to try next time – different soup, herb/floral/fruit infused teas
Food rating 3 star
Price rating $$
Ambiance rating 2 star
Service rating 2 star

Paradise Inn
Plaza Indonesia, Level Basement, Unit 25-27A
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta Pusat
Ph: +6221 2992 3848

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