Fish & Co. Gathering

seafood platter for 2 @ fish & co.

Dear fellow tasters,

The name Fish & Co. probably sounds familiar to fish and chips lovers in Jakarta.  This restaurant chain from Singapore was brought to Indonesia by Gading Food Group and currently there are 11 outlets in Jakarta and Surabaya and several more opening up in the near future.  Several weeks ago, Fish & Co. invited me for a food blogger gathering at their eX Plaza Indonesia restaurant and boy, did we have a fishy good time!

I arrived a bit late that evening and everyone present seemed already busy with the starter platter.  The starter platter was a mix of bite-sized appetizers: nachos, fried calamari, fish nuggets and prawn fritters, served with three dipping sauces, spicy mango vinaigrette, tar-tar sauce and tomato salsa.  I especially liked the tender fish nuggets and tasty calamari.  We were also served big fish drinks in gigantic glasses, one glass easily quenched four people’s thirsts.

The next part of the gathering was to introduce us to the Fish & Chips around the world, fish and chips with an international twist depending the city or country, such as Singapore, Japanese, Philadelphia, Indonesia, and more.  My table got the original “The Best Fish & Chips in Town!” and although I didn’t get to try the other versions, I liked the crispy batter on the huge fish, drizzled with the slightly tangy lemon butter sauce.  That was not all.  Afterwards, the seafood platter for 2 arrived in a huge pan with so much going on in it: baked seasonal fish, spiced calamari, black tiger prawns, mussels, paella rice, and thick crunchy chips served with creamy garlic and lemon butter sauce.  Truly a seafood feast.

A fishy gathering would not be complete without sweet endings and I got to try two desserts.  The first was everyone on my table’s favorite, the hot fudge chocolate cake – warm, moist and chocolaty, served with a choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream.  The other one was the ice bomber, Fish & Co.’s creation of ice cream cake with layers of chocolate ice cream, dark cherries, cream cheese, and crumble.

It was definitely a fishy fulfilling dinner with delicious fishy bites and wonderful conversations with not-so-fishy blogger friends.  Thank you Sara from yummyfordummy for organizing the gathering, Miss Angel and Fish & Co. for the generosity and for inviting me.

Enjoy your fish and chips!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – starter platter, fish & chips, seafood platter, hot fudge chocolate cake
What to try next time – the grilled and baked menu
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  2 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage 0/pax

Fish & Co.
eX Plaza Indonesia
1st Floor No. 40
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta Pusat
Ph: +6221 3917429
Fax: +6221 3917426

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