Starbucks Summer Gathering 2012

starbucks summer frappuccinos

Dear fellow tasters,

From so many reasons to go to Starbucks, one of them would probably be because it makes drinking coffee fun.  If black brewed coffee and cappuccino sounds boring to you, then there are other options to choose from, such as the signature trademarked ice blended frappuccino.  For this summer, Starbucks Indonesia introduces two new seasonal frappuccino beverages and I had a chance to try them out during the summer food blogger gathering event at Starbucks Pasaraya Grande.  They are Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino and Chocolate Cookie Crumble Cream Frappuccino.

The Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino is a delightful blend of mocha-flavored sauce, chocolaty chips, frappuccino roast coffee, milk, and ice, topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and of course chocolate cookie crumbles.  So it’s a bit similar to Java Chips Frappuccino plus the cookie crumble.  For those not into caffeine, there’s the Chocolate Cookie Crumble Cream Frappuccino, with same ingredients minus the coffee.  I personally prefer the mocha version because it has that bitter coffee taste to balance out the sweetness of the other stuffs.

Meanwhile, for avid coffee lovers, Starbucks brings back the Starbucks Tribute Blend, with multi-region coffee beans from Papua New Guinea and Colombia, combined with Aged Sumatra and sun-dried beans from Ethopia for a spicy full-bodied flavor with berry and dark cherry notes.  Well, I copied those description from Starbucks tasting notes.  I suppose I still can’t really discern and differentiate flavors and notes from a coffee.  For me, it’s either strong or not strong and as long as it keeps me awake, I don’t really care much.

As part of the fun of coffee-drinking at Starbucks, there is always food to pair up with the beverage.  For summer 2012, Starbucks Indonesia presents four mouth-watering food items, three of which with a local Indonesian twist.  Sounds interesting, right?

From the sweet section, we tried the ogura pandan cake and Sumatra coffee chocolate mousse.  The ogura pandan cake, a soft and aromatic pandan-flavored cake with cream cheese and ogura (red bean paste), might be too sweet for some but pairing it with brewed coffee proved to be a perfect match.  Meanwhile, the Sumatra coffee chocolate mouse caters to chocolate addicts with layers of coffee soaked chocolate pound cake at the base, cream cheese mousse at the center, and Starbucks Sumatra coffee flavored chocolate mousse on top.

The summer food also features two savory items, the bolognaise cheese sandwich and tuna balado sandwich.  The bolognaise cheese sandwich is a traditional tomato, minced meat, and cheddar cheese delight.  What’s more interesting is the tuna balado sandwich.  A daring attempt by Starbucks Indonesia, if I may say.  It actually tasted very good with the soft panini bread and spicy tuna balado filling.  Balado is an Indonesian cooking style with lots of chili in the dish and the Starbucks version was spicy enough for me.

Lastly, we also got a chance to try frappuccino making with Starbucks Indonesia barista and I made my own green tea frappuccino blended beverage.  I guess that made me officially frappuccino certified.  Thank you Starbucks Indonesia for inviting me.

“Be a coffee-drinking individual – espresso yourself!”  –Anonymous

The taster’s notes:
Favorite coffee/food – mocha cookie crumble frappuccino, ogura pandan cake
Food/coffee rating  3 star
Price rating  $
Damage 0/pax

Starbucks Indonesia

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