Kamikaze Karaage

karaage moriawase @ kamikaze karaage

Dear fellow tasters,

The chicken wing fast food industry is somewhat booming recently with different outlets bringing different recipes popping in shopping malls around Jakarta.  Kamikaze Karaage, a Japanese contender, is one of them.  I’ve been to their Grand Indonesia outlet several times and I can say that I kind of like their chicken wings and other menu items.

From all visits, I always ordered the kamikaze moriawase or set menu, already including a choice of meat (tebasaki, karaage, mixed, or yakiniku), five choice of sauce, rice, and two small side dishes.  The tebasaki (chicken wings) or karaage (boneless chicken fillet) is just a matter of preference but I’ve tried and enjoyed both.  Tebasaki is perfect for those loving the savoriness of chicken wings, while karaage is surely a choice for those wanting more meat without having to sort out through the bones.  And the most delightful part is definitely the coating which is simply crunchy, spicy, and super tasty.

Kamikaze Karaage offers five different sauce to choose from: teriyaki, kaffir lime shoyu, kuro kosho (black pepper), banzai (spicy), and kamize (very spicy).  I’ve only tried the kuro kosho and kamikaze but I think I liked kamikaze best.  Bring on the spiciness!  As for the sides, some I’ve tasted from the most favorite to the least were shisito tempura (tempura of chilli pepper with cheesy filling), tofu furai (deep fried stuffed tofu), tori fireball, kani corn salad, and kakitama soup.

いただきます。 Itadakimasu!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – tebasaki, karaage, shisito tempura
What to try next time – yakiniku, kamikaze bomb burger, and other sides
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $
Ambiance rating  2 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage around 50k/pax

Kamikaze Karaage
Grand Indonesia
Level 3A Unit FD-1-07
Ph: +6221 23581878
Fax: +6221 23581877

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