Marutama Ra-men Eating Competition

marutama ra-men eating competition

Dear fellow tasters,

Last month, I entered another eating competition but in a much smaller scale than the previous one.  I learned about the registration from twitter and it was for Marutama Ra-men.  Apparently, the eating competition was a part of a two days event organized by Plaza Indonesia with nine other participating F & B tenants and the Marutama Ra-men session was assigned to the second place for the first day.

Long story short, the competition was to finish one bowl of Marutama Ra-men (noodle, broth, vegetables and everything in it) and the fastest two will get the prize, 200k Marutama Ra-men voucher each.  This time, there were only ten contestants for the session.  The eating lasted for less than five minutes and I was no luckier than my first attempt at eating competition.  I lost and I blamed it on the hot soup that scalded my tongue and made it harder to eat at a faster rate.  Nevertheless, all the contestants got a consolation prize, 50k voucher for Marutama Ra-men, and a You vs Food T-shirt to wear for the competition although the size was a bit small for me.

Wish me luck on the next eating competition.

Marutama Ra-men
eX Plaza Indonesia
2nd floor #eX-20
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Ph: +6221 3160705
Fax: +6221 3151874

7 responses to “Marutama Ra-men Eating Competition

  1. Hehe, I bet finishing that piping hot bowl of ramen was no chicken feet! But nice try! What’s your timing btw (as is how long did you take to finish that bowl)?

  2. Ellyna: yeah, I didn’t really think about the hot soup so I pretty much burned my tounge. Not sure about the timing, around 3 minutes but the winners finished in about 2 minutes. LOL.

  3. Pernah cobain lomba makan pedas ga? Kemaren2 Mr Jajan ikut lomba makan pedas chicken wing, kapok berat gamau ikut lomba makan lagi katanya 😀

  4. urukyu: haha, yup, juara pertama bapak2, kedua ce loh, peserta ce satu2nya

    Mrs. Jajan: belom… baru sushi sama ini aja, lomba makan pedas yang Kamikaze ya???

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