Tapas Movida

tapas movida

Dear fellow tasters,

One fine Sunday evening, several blogger friends and I gathered for a self-organized dinner for the first time ever, after a series of meet-ups through food tasting or blogger gathering event.  We had planned this through twitter for several days and although in the end only eight person managed to come, the eating had to go on, come rain or storm.  Tapas was the theme of the evening and we decided to try the recently opened Tapas Movida, located in what used to be Praline, in Cipete Raya, South Jakarta area.  The restaurant’s interior was decorated with Spanish Flamenco dancers paintings on the earth-colored wall and furnished with comfortable brown sofa lining up the dining area.  There was also a more interesting semi-outdoor area with colorful tiled and white plastered seating but it turned out to be a smoking area.

It was a wonderful experience trying out Spanish tapas and cuisine, a rare thing to be encountered in Jakartan culinary scene.  Five of us arrived earlier and we ordered a paella to share, which took around 40 minutes to cook, while waiting for the other three to show up.  We also ordered a jug of sangria, various tapas and some desserts.  Here goes the order list.

Raciones (bigger portion to share)

  • Tortilla Española / Spanish potato omelette – Quite delicious
  • Albóndigas / Spanish meatballs – Definitely one of the highlights of the evening, the meatballs were tiny but huge in flavor.  It was meaty, well seasoned and dipped in delectable brownish sauce.

Pinchos (single portion tapas)

  • Gambones con gabardina y alioli / Prawns in jackets with garlic mayonnaise – Prawn and mayonnaise on toast, what more can you ask.
  • Tosta de brie y cebolla caramelizada / Toast with brie cheese and caramelized onion – Loved the taste of the cheesy brie and caramelized onion
  • Montadito de ternera con queso azul y cebolla caramelizada / Tenderloin, cambozola and caramelized onion on toast – The tenderloin was a bit chewy but overall quite enjoyable
  • Patata confitada con salmón y compota de manzana / Candied potato with salmon and apple compote – Sweet tasting potato with scrumptious smoked salmon, however didn’t really get the apple compote taste
  • Bruschetta de guacamole y gambas al ajilo / Guacamole bruschetta with garlic shrimps – Simply delicious with fresh lemony guacamole and tasty shrimps.
  • Pintxo de pollo moruno con salsa de yogur y queso / Chicken, yoghurt sauce and cheese – The chicken was well marinated and flavorsome, perfect with the sour and herby yoghurt cheese dipping sauce.
  • Espárragos trigueros con huevos pasados por agua / Green asparagus with poached eggs – Didn’t really try the asparagus and didn’t get a picture, appearance was a bit ordinary.

Hmm, that was a lot of tapas to describe but eating them surely was much easier.  The main course and desserts follow next.

Platos Principales

  • Paella de marisco / Seafood Spanish yellow rice – The only main course that we ordered, the paella was of generous portion, served on a wide pan with lots of stuffs in it, chicken, prawns, squid, string beans, and other ingredients. Tasted a bit salty to our liking, but according to Chef Manuel Verdaguer, Tapas Movida executive chef, the authentic Spanish paella is just about the same as what was served on our table.  Nevertheless, it was delicious and very enjoyable.

Postres (dessert)

  • Milhoja de fresas con sabayon de vainilla y salsa de chocolate / Strawberry millefuille with vanilla sabayon & chocolate sauce – Quite enjoyable but I didn’t get the taste of the sabayon.
  • Reinette / Nougatine, vanilla ice cream served with apple tatin cake, topped with vanilla sauce and chantilly – We loved the ice cream and the sweet sour apple tatin.

Any Spanish dinner is not complete without sangria.  And guess what, we did not just finish one, but two jugs of sangria.  The second jug was Chef Manuel’s complimentary because he hated to see our empty glasses.  Muchas gracias, señor Manuel.  The Sangria is a wine cocktail or punch made from a mix of red wine, orange juice, soda water, syrup, and diced fruits.  Just enough to make you giggly and tipsy with a glass or two.  All in all, we had a great tapas evening.  The food was superb and I will certainly go back for more tapas and other menu.  Thank you Imelda, Natasha, Umi, Sara, Anthony, Febi and Ichil for sharing the wonderful dinner.  We should definitely do this more often *grin*.

¡Buen provecho! ¡Buen apetito! Olé!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the paella and albóndigas
What to try next time – the lamb shank main and other tapas
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  2 star
Service rating  3 star
Damage around 130k/pax

Tapas Movida
66 Cipete Raya, Jakarta Selatan
Ph: +6221 7510851

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