Bebek Kaleyo

assorted duck @ bebek kaleyo

Dear fellow tasters,

Delicious duck doesn’t have to come in a plate of duck confit or Peking duck and for the price of one portion of duck confit in a fancy French restaurant, it will feed two to three people in this place, rice and drink included.  Of course, the comparison is well unbalanced but for a taste of duck with traditional Indonesian flavor, Bebek Kaleyo might just be the perfect destination.

One afternoon, I happened to stop by their Tebet branch for lunch with some friends and the dining area was already well packed with hungry eaters and munchers.  Fortunately, we were able to find ourselves a table in the air-conned non smoking area and started ordering immediately.

When we began ordering, the waiter told us that they only had bebek muda (duckling/young duck) menu, so that was what we ordered.  A friend and I ordered the bebek muda cabe ijo (fried duckling with green chili), while the others were having the bebek muda goreng (fried duckling) and bebek muda bakar (grilled duckling).  We also ordered some fried tahu (tofu) and tempe (fermented soybean) for side dish.  I didn’t get to try what my friends ordered but my green chili duck was surely delectable with the generous spicy yet tolerable crushed green chili and crispy-on-the-outside but tender-on-the-inside duck, well seasoned and very tasty.

For drinks, we had es campur (mixed fruit ice) and sop buah (fruit soup) which were quite refreshing.  We also ordered a plate of rujak colek (mixed fruit with sambal made of palm sugar and chili) but there was nothing special about it.  We ended up very full with a happy belly.  Although the place can be crowded and service is passable, I would surely recommend Bebek Kaleyo if you get tired of mall food and are looking for great affordable Indonesian duck dishes.

Enjoy your duck!  Quack!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – bebek muda cabe ijo
What to try next time – other duck or chicken menu
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $
Ambiance rating  1 star
Service rating  1 star
Damage 42k/pax

Bebek Kaleyo
Jl. Lapangan Ros No. 49
Tebet Jakarta Selatan
Ph: +6221 95700055

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