Sushi Tei Eating Contest

sushi eating contest by sushi tei

Dear fellow tasters,

This was my first attempt at an eating contest and the event was Sushi Eating Contest by Sushi Tei, probably one of the most popular sushi chain restaurants in Jakarta.  The contest happened on one fine Saturday afternoon at the end of last month in a shopping mall in South Jakarta, namely Gandaria City.  Upon registration, all contestants were given some props for the contest, a headband, chest number, and a yellow ribbon to be tied to the wrist.  The annoying part of the contest was definitely the waiting because the eating part lasted only for less than 5 minutes but the waiting was more or less 2 hours.

Facts about the sushi eating contest.  There were 692 total contestants, 320 male and 372 female.  It was registered with the MURI or Indonesian Museum of Records for the most participants in an eating contest.  The rule was to chow down 30 (thirty) pieces of tamago and crabstick makimono (sushi roll) and three of the fastest from each category came up as the winners.  The prizes were surely tempting with the blackberry playbook and Boga Group vouchers, but considering the tough competition, I was pretty happy just to be a participant and ate the sushi rolls for 50k rupiahs registration fee.

So, the female category started first, meaning more waiting for me and I was feeling hungry already.  When the time came, I got into my position at number 507.  There were nine other competitors at my table and looking at their sizes made me feel a bit nervous and intimidated.  The eating lasted faster than I expected.  And no, unfortunately I didn’t win.  I finished about 11th or 12th from the people who managed to finish the sushi and raised their hands.  However, it turned out I was the first the finish at my table.  So, I was quite proud with that.  The bottom line is I suppose I should just stick to food tasting and blogging instead of food eating contest.  Lol.

See you at the next eating contest!


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