Krispy Kreme VIP Party

krispy kreme baked creations

Dear fellow tasters,

Apology for the late post.  This event was from a month ago and I just had the chance to write something about it.  So, I was invited by Sara from yummyfordummy to come to a Krispy Kreme VIP Party as a part of the opening of the world-first Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cafe at Central Park Mall.  I actually got a second invitation from the management for the press conference in the afternoon, but I couldn’t simply ditch work just for some sugar-glazed doughnuts.  The VIP party was held on a Friday evening at the Tribeca park area of the West Jakartan mall.  After a grueling Transjakarta ride, I managed to arrive there just in time for the unveiling of the new doughnut cafe.

Actually, I’ve known Krispy Kreme since the times when I was back in Melbourne and these doughnuts have been around in Indonesia for several years.  However, its popularity seems to be a bit overshadowed by other doughnut chain stores.  I suppose this relaunch of Krispy Kreme with a cafe concept was an attempt to reposition itself as a worthy competitor in the doughnut industry.

In the main party area,  there were some live music performance, a queue for the signature original glazed doughnuts, fun photo booth, doughnut tower contest, and many more.  Surely I managed to grab some original glazed but the highlight of the evening was of course a tour of the doughnut cafe and a tasting of the new “baked creations” non-doughnut products.  There were two new product lines in the baked creations, the kruffins (I suppose it stands for Krispy Kreme muffins) and the pull aparts (similar to savory bread).

I met other food bloggers on the event and we shared a table full of the baked creations, from which I got to try the triple chocolate and blueberry kruffins, and the smoked beef and cheese and pepperoni cheese pizza pull aparts.  All were deliciously enjoyable.  I liked the blueberry kruffins (although it seemed to be softer than what I usually like in a muffin) and the smoked beef and cheese pull apart.

The event was quite fun especially because I got to meet and chat with other food blogger friends.  We even got our picture taken at the photo booth which turned out to be one of the winner for the photo contest and it earned us half a dozen of original glazed doughnuts for each person.  Thank you Sara and Krispy Kreme for inviting me to the party.

Enjoy your doughnuts!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – blueberry kruffins and the smoked beef and cheese pull apart
What to try next time – other variants from the baked creations
Food rating  2 star
Price rating  $
Ambiance rating  2 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage 0

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cafe
Central Park Mall – Podomoro City
Ground Floor (Access from Tribeca Park)

4 responses to “Krispy Kreme VIP Party

  1. Mmm…doughnuts! Love em good lookin-kruffins! Wished I was invited =( hehe…but maybe i’ll your recommendation: the blueberry kruffins one of these days… =)

  2. Hi Ellyna, thank you for your comment. Well, I kind of like the blueberry than the chocolate one, but maybe that’s just my preference 😀

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