north indian meal @ komala's

Dear fellow tasters,

Indian cuisines are not that popular here in Jakarta with its bustling culinary scene, I wonder why.  Is it because of the smaller Indian community population, or is it that Indian spiciness palate just doesn’t fit with Indonesian taste buds although we Indonesians also love spicy food.  Well, apparently that speculation doesn’t really apply to me.  I pretty much enjoy Indian food because I used to have an Indian housemate who always cooked delicious Indian treats for me (I miss her cooking by the way).

Thus, one Sunday evening, I decided to try an Indian restaurant to widen up my tasting experience, as well as to start a new category for this blog.  One place that I could think of was Komala’s, located in Sarinah Building Thamrin area which is pretty close for me.  Upon entering, I was not aware that it’s a vegetarian only restaurant; I was actually looking for rogan josh and chicken tikka in the menu.  Lol, my bad.  But hey, I’m an omnivore, so a vegetarian Indian dinner sounded just as swell.

I decided to order the North Indian meal and Keema Pav.  The package meal already included butter milk to drink, but I switched it to sweet lassi which tasted sour sweet and refreshing.  The North Indian meal was a full meal served on a steel platter.  It consisted of white rice, two pieces of plain naan, three vegetable dishes (daal, paneer butter masala and vegetarian curry), yoghurt, pickle and pappadam.  I especially loved the daal, some kind of lentil stew or curry which tasted similar to what my housemate used to cook, and the spicy paneer butter masala.  The perfect companies for the spicy dishes were the tasty naan and crunchy pappadam.  The meal also included a cup of sweet kesari dessert, great to counteract the spiciness effect.  Meanwhile the keema pav tasted like an Indian version of bruschetta with bread pav baked and topped with minced vegetarian keema and mozarella cheese.

My second visit to Komala’s was several months later and I used a discount voucher which I bought from Deal Keren.  The voucher already included three menu items, grill focacia, vegetarian chicken curry parotta plate, and sizzling brownies.  The grill focacia tasted kind of similar to the keema pav, a cheese focacia sandwich filled with chopped vegetarian keema, mozarella and pomodoro sauce.  The potato chips side was also enjoyable with generous herb sprinkles.  The vegetarian or (as I would call it) ‘fake’ chicken curry was quite delicious with great spices flavor in it, delightful to eat with the parotta bread.  Lastly, the sizzling brownies literally sizzled on a hot plate with hot chocolate sauce and sweet cool melting vanilla ice cream, quite unique for a hot-slash-cold dessert.  I found the food at Komala’s very enjoyable and I will definitely go back to savor some more vegetarian Indian cuisines.

Enjoy your spicy curries!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – daal, paneer butter masala, vegetarian chicken curry
What to try next time – maybe South Indian meal and biryani
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  2 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage first visit around 100k, second visit 50k/pax (using discount voucher)

Sarinah Building Jl. MH Thamrin No. 11, Jakarta 10350
Ph: +6221 3903533
Fax: +6221 3903534

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