Sroto Eling-eling

sroto eling-eling

Dear fellow tasters,

Stepping away from fancy restaurants and mall dining, it can be quite rewarding to go out and try diverse Indonesian cuisines served in humble and affordable yet unique eateries.  This post is about one of those places, offering what’s considered a common Indonesian beef/chicken soup dish mostly known as ‘soto’ but with a twist.  No, this one’s not called ‘soto’, but ‘sroto’.  It originates from Sokaraja – Banyumas, Central Java and one place to enjoy ‘sroto’ in Jakarta is located in Tebet area, titled Sroto Eling-eling (‘eling-eling’ literally means remember-remember).

One afternoon, a friend happened to take me there and we ordered the specialty sroto komplit.  The soup bowl was loaded with chicken shreds, beef slices, chicken liver and gizzard, some organs (I think it was some kind of intestine), baby bean sprouts and some crushed pink-colored kerupuk or tapioca crackers.  As companion for the sroto, we put some diced ketupat (Indonesian rice cake) and a couple spoonful of the sweet chili peanut sauce in the sroto.  The peanut sauce is what differentiates this beef/chicken soup from the other kinds of soto.  Other than that, we also enjoyed the tasty mendoan (half-cooked battered tempe).  With the delicious taste, cheap price and generous portion, Sroto Eling-eling might just make me remember to come back for a revisit.

Sugeng dahar!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – sroto komplit
What to try next time – I think they have a sate menu
Food rating  2 star
Price rating  $
Ambiance rating  1 star
Service rating  1 star
Damage around 30k/pax

Sroto & Mendoan Eling-eling
Jl. Lapangan Roos
Tebet, Jakarta Selatan

4 responses to “Sroto Eling-eling

  1. foto nya menggiurkan banget deh…kangen udah lama gak ke sini..deket sana ada rumah makan Tanjung..jualan nya serba kambing…cobain deh

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