Starbucks VIA® Special Preview

Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew

Dear fellow tasters and coffee lovers,

During the long Idul Fitri holiday, I received a DM on my twitter from Starbucks Indonesia twitter account requesting my email and contact number with regards to some food blogger gathering event. Several days later, an email came with more details.  The theme of the event was ‘Starbucks VIA® Special Preview’.  The date and time, 8 September, 1.30-2.30pm.  Hmm, that was like office hour for me but fortunately after back and forth email correspondence, Miss Corry Tjong who managed the event said that it was absolutely fine to come after getting off work.

Starbucks is probably the largest coffeeshop chain company in the world.  In Indonesia, it opens over 100 stores, mostly in Jakarta and others in major regional cities.  So it was quite an honor for me when they invited me to be a part of Starbucks VIA® launching in Indonesia.

The main coffee tasting event already concluded when I arrived at Starbucks Cideng shop around 5.30 but I did meet and had a short chat with a participant from the afternoon session, Daniel.  There were some food bloggers coming later on, but I got to have a private explanation and tasting of Starbucks VIA® coffee and Starbucks VIA® food accompaniment.

A bit on the product, Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew is the result of more than 20 years of research that even the pioneering scientist already passed away when this new line of instant coffee was first introduced in 2009.  And tomorrow on 13th of September, Indonesia will get a chance to try and self-brew just with hot water this instant micro-ground coffee in a sachet which comes in two flavors, Starbucks® Italian Roast and Starbucks® Colombia.

I tasted both variants and I would say that the Italian Roast definitely lived up to its Extra Bold label on its packaging.  It surely was extra bold and super strong with a rich roasty sweet and bitter taste, suitable for devoted coffee aficionados.  The Colombia, on the other hand, was labeled Mild and tasted likewise when I sipped it.  It might be perfect for those not wanting strong coffee but still looking for that smooth and nutty Starbucks coffee flavor.

While sipping the coffee, Starbucks Indonesia Food Manager (apology for forgetting his name) explained to me about a selection of sweet treats which had been prepared and baked to befriend the Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew coffee.  All were packed in compact ‘grab and go’ plastic package except for the last one which looked a bit big to fit in a pocket.  Here they are.

  • Hollander Cake (20k): This scrumptious almond butter tart was love at first bite for me.  The soft cake with sweet and sour raspberry jam filling was good enough to eat on its own or with the coffee.
  • Mile (19.5k): One pack contained two butter cookie sticks layered with super sweet caramel and almond on top.  The caramel kind of stuck on my teeth but washing it down with the hot Italian Roast gave that silky melting sensation.
  • Bond (19.5k): A couple of thin cinnamon sprinkled cookies were glued together by chocolate and raspberry sauce in the middle.  Four in a pack made this great for sharing.
  • Toffee Cake (14k if I remembered correctly): Inspired by seasonal Starbucks toffee drink, I happened to like the tasty crumbles topping on the vanilla and caramel soft cake.

Overall I had a great time hanging out with Febi and Ichil from and Sara and Anthony from yummyfordummy who came a bit later, as well as with Miss Corry and Mr. Kiki from Starbucks.  Each of us was also given a Starbucks VIA® goodie bag containing cute Starbucks merchandise and four packs of the instant coffee.  Thank you Starbucks Indonesia for having me there.

Enjoy your Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew!

PS: You can enjoy Starbucks VIA® with only 25k for 3 servings or 88k for 12.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite coffee/food – the Italian Roast and the Hollander Cake
Food/coffee rating  3 star
Price rating  $
Damage 0/pax

Starbucks Indonesia

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