The Marmalade Pantry [Closed]

oven roasted oyster blade steak @ the marmalade pantry

Dear fellow tasters,

This is one extremely belated post.  It was a Friday evening after a grueling working week and I just felt I should at least have a decent dinner to celebrate Free-day.  I ended up in Plaza Indonesia, already a regularly-visited shopping mall for me but there are still many places I haven’t got a chance to try there.  My feet took me to The Marmalade Pantry, a Singapore franchised Western bistro located on Level One of the plaza extension.  50% off food credit card promo and happy hour pay 1 for 2 for cocktails seemed like a good deal to me.

The restaurant is one of those modern-ambianced-and-furnished open-area-merged-with-the-mall kind with some sofa seatings snugged under the escalator and other upright chairs and wooden tables closer to the kitchen and bar area.  I would say the service here was quite excellent as the friendly waiter patiently explained and suggested favorites from their food and drink menu.  Furthermore, the staffs kindly assisted me when I complained about the wrong discount calculation on the bill.

After a heated discussion with the waiter on what to order, I decided to follow his recommended item for the main, the oven roasted oyster blade steak.  For appetizer, I felt a bit French and ordered the escargot bourguignon.  Since I got to choose two cocktails, I picked the green mojito and black forest martini.  He said the martini would be perfect for dessert (well, order up as long as it’s alcoholic *grin*).

The escargot appeared first looking quite ravishing.  Not really sure whether the snails were fresh or canned version, but they were nicely presented on ceramic soup spoons with vegetable salad side and a slice of herbed baguette.  It also tasted quite delicious with two different cooking style, half with the usual garlic herb butter and the other half with mushroom cream sauce.  I also enjoyed the crunchy baguette and the fresh tangy vinegar-dressed salad with a hint of sweetness from some tiny red bits which tasted like dried plum.

The steak tasted scrumptiously delectable.  The name suggested that it was a steak from the shoulder part of a cow or known as chuck (not like tenderloin, sirloin or rib eye which is the favorite cut for steak), but it was quite juicy and tender.  The meat was served already cut into long slices and accompanied by spring veggies, mashed potato and tasty mushroom sauce.

My drinks also did not disappoint me.  The mojito was sour, minty, strong and refreshing, just the thing I needed to kick start the weekend.  The black forest martini was just like its title, a sweet black forest dessert with a much greater alcohol percentage.  Thankfully, I still managed to lift up my tipsy self to pay the bill and hail a cab to get home.  It was quite a satisfying dinner and I will definitely go back to The Marmalade Pantry to try out other stuffs from the menu, if I have a chance.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – pretty much everything I had
What to try next time – definitely will try other cuisines, desserts and cocktails
Food/drink rating  4 star
Price rating  $$$ with alcohol / $$ without alcohol
Ambiance rating  2 star
Service rating  3 star
Damage around 320k full price, 215k after discount

The Marmalade Pantry
Plaza Indonesia Level One #E18, E19T
Ph: +6221 3154374
Fax: +6221 3156914


3 responses to “The Marmalade Pantry [Closed]

  1. loved the food and their mocktail and cocktail creation, black forest martini was really like liquid dessert…awesomely creamy and kicking……..and so did their original After the Rain a perfectly blend of orange juice, lime juice, pineapple juice and lots of mint leaves and ginger ale, surprisingly enough the flavor is mild and not too pungent that makes it a delicious and refreshing drink.

    we tried their all times favorite Spaghetti aglio olio which was really superb so we knew how they gained their popularity among pasta lovers.
    And their Oyster Blade was also delicious even though cooked past medium.
    We highly praised their blueberry cheese cake which really stand out from the crowd of other cheese cake in Jakarta.

    Will we come back ? definitely we will.
    and oh ya, not to mention the gracious service, the waiters seemed like they own their restaurant and cooked for us, ….yes they knew everything…..they must have been through really good training in customer service, BRAVO !

  2. Hi Bobo, thank you for visiting my blog and for the generous comments.
    Will definitely go back and try your recommendations ^^

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