Opera Gala 2011 – Gala Dinner

opera gala 2011 - gala dinner

Dear fellow tasters,

Last Thursday night was surely a fabulous night for me.  Good food is a passion of mine but opera is another avid interest, culturally and musically.  Thus, I was extremely excited when I won a twitter quiz held by Indonesia Opera Society to attend an exclusive CIMB Niaga Opera Gala 2011 event.  The gala was held at the grand ballroom of The Dharmawangsa hotel in the Southern part of Jakarta.  Because it involved a delectable gala dinner, I decided to write a post about the food, particularly.

While awaiting the dinner, finger snacks and fancy drinks were served in the ballroom foyer.  I didn’t get a taste of the cocktail food but I did quench my thirst with a glass or two of the red and sparkling white wine.  Once the golden-chandelier-adorned grand ballroom doors were opened, we entered and sat at our appointed tables.  The tables were named after opera titles and characters.  Mine was ‘Liu’, the heroine from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.  The table was set formally with white table-cloth, white napkins, arranged cutlery, wine glasses and a red roses center piece.

The three-course gala dinner menu was printed on a rolled and red-ribboned piece of paper.  Some freshly-baked bread and butter were served before the first course appeared. The menu items definitely sounded delicious. Here are my commentaries:

Appetizer; Mesclun greens with wild mushroom puff – The mesclun greens tasted just like regular veggies but quite fresh.  I especially loved the tasty wild mushroom puff.

Main; Grilled angus tenderloin, baked fine bean with bacon, goat cheese potato croquette and shallot juice – Super thick, huge, juicy and scrumptious is what I would say about the angus.  Although the inside was pink and a bit too medium to my liking and the shallot juice was a bit salty, the tenderloin was absolutely tender and utterly enjoyable.  The bean side dish tasted somehow ordinary but the goat cheese croquette was quite delicious.

Dessert; Chocolate walnut cake, passion fruit & vanilla sauce – A perfect beautifully-presented dessert for the evening.  What’s not to love about chocolate.  Add walnut in and on top of it for a bit of nuttiness.  The cake was delightfully served with fresh red raspberries, passion fruit jelly, a piece of chocolate and caramelized walnut decor, and creamy vanilla sauce.  Simply divine!

There were actually two other options for the main course, fish and vegetarian, but I only got a photo of one of them.  Not really sure about the exact title, but the vegetarian main was some kind of lentils wrapped in green spinach crepe with salad and some orange-colored sauce.  After dinner, freshly brewed coffee and infused tea were served while the opera gala performance finally commenced.

It was definitely a memorable, wonderful and fabulous night.  Probably one of the best nights I ever had in Jakarta.  I won’t go into the gala performance details here but I share some photos in my Opera Gala 2011 Facebook album. Thank you Indonesia Opera Society and CIMB Niaga for the fabulous evening.  Looking forward to next year’s Opera Gala.  Bravissimo!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the angus and the dessert
What to try next time – there won’t be a next time, I’m afraid
Food rating  4 star
Price rating – Priceless
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  3 star
Damage 0 for food, only paid cab fare

Indonesia Opera Society
Gedung Pusat Perfilman H. Usmar Ismail
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. C-22, Jakarta 12940
Ph: +6221 5265493

The Dharmawangsa
Jl. Brawijaya Raya No. 26, Kebayoran Baru Jakarta 12160
Ph: +6221 7258181
Fax: +6221 7258383


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