Azabu Sabo [Closed]

spicy tantan ramen @ azabus sabo

Dear fellow tasters,

I was roaming around Plaza Indonesia accompanying a friend on her shopping frenzy and we ended up trying a newly opened Japanese restaurant, Azabu Sabo, located on the fifth floor of the extension near Aksara bookstore.  The place is small but with nice clean simple Japanese decors such as the Japanese wall, wooden furniture, faux autumn leaves and Japanese paintings.  The menu is not that extensive but the price range is relatively cheaper than most Japanese restaurants out there.

Actually the reason we went to Azabu Sabo that evening was because of a promo flyer we found at the information desk.  However, when we asked the waitress it turned out the promo already ended, so we had to order from the regular-priced menu.  My friend ordered the spicy tantan ramen while I decided to try the chicken teriyaki donburi.  The food appeared looking quite promising and the taste was actually quite nice but a bit ordinary for me.  The spicy tantan ramen contained seafood and vegetables in it.  It was not spicy at all but we did like the scallops and prawns.  My teriyaki chicken was also quite enjoyable albeit a bit plain.

ごちそうさま。 Gochisōsama!

The taster’s notes :
Favorite dish – I guess both dishes were quite enjoyable
What to try next time – the desserts and Hokkaido ice cream
Food rating  2 star
Price rating  $
Ambiance rating  2 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage approximately 75k/pax

Azabu Sabo
Plaza Indonesia Extension 5th Floor Unit E05
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta 10350
Ph: +6221 29923672

2 responses to “Azabu Sabo [Closed]

  1. I already tried their matcha ice cream, actually it was quite good, plus, when you tweet/fb about the resto, you’ll get free mini ice cream 😀

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