delicious cutlet katsusei

Dear fellow tasters,

If you think Hoka Hoka Bento katsu is the best you ever had, you might want to try this restaurant and experience the ultimate katsu indulgence.  Katsusei, suitably tag-lined ‘delicious cutlet’, offers a menu of Japanese-style breaded then deep-fried cutlets (famously known as katsu) made of pork, beef, chicken and seafood.  The price tag may just be a tad on the expensive side, so when they have a 50% off credit card promo I decided to splurge on a scrumptious katsu lunch.

Apparently the proverb which says ‘He who eats alone chokes alone’ does not really apply to me, well at least I don’t choke to death alone lol.  I pretty much enjoy dining out alone and especially see how they treat a lone clientele.  That afternoon, I couldn’t really find anyone to go for lunch so I just grabbed my card, hailed a cab and landed myself in Katsusei dining area which is nicely decorated with bowls and plates glued to the glass partitions.

My initial orders were the shrimp and pork tenderloin katsu set, chawanmushi appetizer and honeydew juice.  Before the food arrived, a waitress carried out a bowl with toasted sesame seeds in it and a wooden pestle to grind it.  The sesame smelled really good when being ground and it was supposed to be mixed with the tonkatsu sauce contained in a pretty blue-accented ceramic jar.

The chawanmushi appeared first and it tasted somehow ordinary although I did find some lotus seeds in it.  The katsu set was served next.  Two thick pork tenderloin katsu pieces and two long huge shrimp katsu were accompanied by a bowl of tonjiro soup, steamed rice, salad and pickled white cabbage.  The soup was pretty nice for an alternative to misoshiru and I particularly liked the raddish in it.  The tenderloin and shrimp cutlets were the highlight of the afternoon.  They were fresh, crispy, crunchy, tasty and extremely delectable.  The tender juicy pork tenderloin and the scrumptious sweet shrimp were matched perfectly with the tangy savory tonkatsu sauce and the fragrant ground sesame seeds.  Two additional sauces were also available and I liked both – one was creme-colored and soury while the other was brownish and honey sweet.

The katsu set actually made me full already but my total spending was still less than the minimum for the discount so desserts came next.  I had to order two desserts and cold ocha to make it to the 300k mark.  The strawberry shortcake and the green tea ice cream were quite enjoyable although the red beans on the ice cream were a bit tough.  All in all, it was a wonderful lunch despite the appalling service when I had to wait for more than 10 minutes for a waiting staff to come at my table.

いただきます。 Itadakimasu!

The taster’s notes :
Favorite dish – the shrimp and pork tenderloin katsu
What to try next time – other katsu version, beef, chicken, seafood, maybe chazuke style
Food rating  4 star
Price rating  $$$ full price / $$ after discount
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage around 350k full price, 175k after discount

Delicious Cutlet Katsusei
Grand Indonesia, East Mall Garden District 2, Level 5 #16
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta 10310
Ph: +6221 23580060
Fax: +6221 23580059

6 responses to “Katsusei

  1. Huahahaha, jangan dibandinginlah Hokben dgn Katsusei, harganya aja beda langit & bumi. Setuju Katsusei enak, tp menurut gw terlalu pricey.. lebih seru berburu Japanese yang otentik di daerah Melawai 🙂

  2. Hahahaha… Yah kalo ga ada diskon gw ga bakalan cobain juga Jenz 😛
    Iya kayaknya seru berburu di Melawai dan sekitarnya, daerah selatan jarang sekali gw jamah soalnya tergantung ajakan, kalo sendiri repot 😀

  3. Your food photos are delicious! This is really making me hungry 🙂 I hope the service improves though, the place looks great.

  4. Hi Sugarenspice, thank you for visiting my blog…

    Yah… definitely will try other katsu type. I tried the pork first because it’s not quite common here in Jakarta 😀

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