Bakmi Gang Kelinci

locupan pangsit baso @ bakmi gang kelinci

Dear fellow tasters,

Noodle, introduced by the Chinese, has become somewhat a regular part of the diet for Indonesian and other world citizens.  It can be found almost everywhere, in the form of plastic-wrapped instant noodle and traveling cart ‘mie ayam’ hawkers to the the fancy menu in snazzy restaurants and other culinary establishments.  One of the popular Indonesian noodle dishes is bakmi or bakmie (literal origin from Hokkien words); there’s even a separate wikipedia article on it.  And one place in Jakarta to enjoy a yummy bowl of bakmi is Bakmi Gang Kelinci which has been selling bakmi ayam since 1957.  Gee, that was practically before I was born.  The main restaurant nowadays has evolved from a mere pushcart on the street sidewalk in Pasar Baru area to a huge spacious air-conned place, but still on the famous Gang Kelinci (literally translated as ‘Rabbit Alley’).  They have also opened several branches around Jakarta, mostly in shopping centers.

Well, enough on blabbering about the background and history.  One afternoon, I happened to stroll around Pasar Baru area with two other guys and we ended up at Bakmi Gang Kelinci for lunch.  I decided to try the locupan complete with pangsit baso (dumplings and beef balls) while my friends ordered the specialty bakmi ayam or chicken noodle.  I also ordered a portion of baso goreng udang (fried shrimp balls) for us to share.  Locupan is some kind of noodle but shorter, thicker and rounder and made of rice flour instead of wheat flour.  The locupan tasted pretty delicious.  I especially liked the generous chicken and mushroom toppings and the tasty bouncy beef balls.  The baso goreng was also quite nice although I didn’t really like the sticky inside texture.

Enjoy your noodles!

The taster’s notes :
Favorite dish – the locupan pangsit baso
What to try next time – will try the regular bakmi ayam or other Chinese cuisines
Food rating  2 star
Price rating  $
Ambiance rating  1 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage around 40k/pax

Bakmi Gang Kelinci
Jl. Kelinci Raya No. 1-3 Pasar Baru, Jakarta Pusat 10710
Ph: +6221 3522288, +6221 99722288, +6221 70100100

2 responses to “Bakmi Gang Kelinci

  1. Dino, try Bakmi Aboen (di gang persis sebelah GK Ps Baru) tapi disana yg rekomen non-halal (chasiu+minced pork) although they also got chicken ones. Moreover, kalo mau ayam n lumayan legendaris, ada Bakmi Orpa (di jl. Malaka daerah Kota) tapi harganya 30rb :s

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Bakmi Aboen udah sering kok, dah ada postnya. Iya bakmi aboen spesialnya mantap pake chasiu + kriuk-kriuk *jadi laper*
    Might try your other suggestion, putting Bakmi Orpa on my to-eat list 😀

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