self-titled pizza @ sopra

Dear fellow tasters,

It was before the Andrea Bocelli concert at Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place ballroom a couple of months back, that I decided to treat myself to a neapolitan dinner.  Choice of place: Sopra, a recent addition to the Cucina Italiana ristoranti in Jakarta.  The place is apparently snugged in a corner, just near Metro department store, not that spacious but with nicely-designed interior complete with a bar and black leather-clad dining area.  The menu mostly consists of pizza, pasta, antipasti, and several others.  Since I was eating for one and the waitress said that one person can finish a regular-sized pizza, I ordered the self-titled pizza, “sopra” and an iced coffee mocha to drink.

Well, surely the waitress’ saying was an understatement. The pizza was massive and could easily feed two to three people.  Bresaola slices were everywhere, mixed with diced tomatoes, rucola leaves and shreds of parmesan.  It actually tasted quite nice but eating the whole thing by myself turned out to be a bit too much and I couldn’t really have it for take away inside the concert lol.  So there it was, a battle between pizza and me.  I think I could say that I won although I left out some of the pizza crust for the garbage can.  Well, at least I didn’t really feel hungry during the concert *grin*.

Buon appetito!

The taster’s notes :
Favorite dish – only had one dish, the ‘sopra’ pizza
What to try next time – other pizza and pasta
Food rating  2 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage around 150k

Pacific Place Level 1 Unit 122
SCBD Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta 12190
Ph: +6221 51400557
Fax: +6221 51402708

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