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ten ten tasty tempting tempura

Dear fellow tasters,

Last Wednesday, I was officially invited by goorme.com for my first time food tasting or blogger gathering after previously attending only as a +1 and this time the place was Ten Ten, a casual Japanese tempura restaurant opening its second branch in Plaza Indonesia, basement level.  Ten Ten is managed by Boga Group, the same company which has brought Jakartan tasters a series of good food restaurants such as Sushi Tei, Bakerzin, Sushi Kiosk, Pepper Lunch, Rakuzen (still on my list to try), and recently-opened Paradise Dynasty.  The restaurant’s concept is homey and woody with cute mascots featuring the Ten Family, a happy tempura family.

Menu: mostly tempura with different variations, on donburi or with udon, also with a choice of original, spicy or blackpepper taste.  They also offer small bites menu, scrumptious desserts and refreshing drinks selection.  That evening, I was seated in a table of four with my high school friend, Sinta and her hubby, and another friend which I asked to join me.  We were given two plates of small bites to share and a person was allowed to chose one item each from the main course, dessert, and drink menu.  I would just mention some favorites here and you can check out the rest in the tasty gallery.

Small bites; the fried sweet potato was just ordinary but I liked the delicious ten ten hot dog, of course with prawn tempura inside, veggies, mayo, and tangy-tasting sauce.

Main; my order was the kakiage hotate & ebi sakura with udon which tasted pretty nice yet plain by itself.  Adding the spicy togarashi (chili powder) and the salty sweet tendon sauce proved to make this tastier.  My friend’s ebi tendon looked more drooling with four large-sized black tiger prawn tempura in it.  I got a bite of the ebi tempura and I kind of liked the crunchy tempura coating and fresh meaty prawn.  Other item worth mentioning is the double spicy tempura udon with a mix of tempura types although the spicy option turned out to be just sprinkles of chili powder which made my throat condition a bit worsening.

Dessert was definitely our favorite part of the dinner.  From four different items that we ordered, we loved three of them.  The matcha kakigori was very refreshing and served with mochi balls and red bean paste.  The kakigori or shaved ice was not too sweet with just a hint of green tea bitterness in it.  Still with green tea, the matcha parfait tasted a bit ordinary at first when I scooped into the top ice cream layer but once the different layers of jelly, cornflakes, cream and ice cream started to mingle, it became like a delicious ice-creamy cereal breakfast.  My favorite, and I think others’ too, was the mango mousse, sour and sweet soft cake-like mangoey substance served with red strawberry sauce.

The cold drinks that we ordered, the kyoho grape cooler, rose collagen, and fuji apple freeze was quite refreshing but I liked the hot matcha latte better.  Just imagine green tea with frothy milk.

Overall, it was a fun dinner and we had even more crazy fun at the photo booth with the wigs, shades, gigantic food cutout, and other props.  We were also given a non-edible instant tempura souvenir for our presence.  Thank you Ten Ten and goorme.com for the wonderful dinner and if the food gallery below made you feel famished, Ten Ten is open and ready to serve you tasty tempting tempura for your gastronomic pleasure.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – ebi tendon, ten ten hot dog, mango mousse, matcha kakigori
What to try next time – might try ebi tendon with blackpepper and other dessert
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  2 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage 0/pax, should we pay for the dinner it would be around 100k/pax

Ten Ten
Plaza Indonesia Level Basement Unit 16-19
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta 10350

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