I-ta Suki

suki with clear tom yum broth @ i-ta suki

Dear fellow tasters,

Shabu-shabu, suki, hotpot, steamboat restaurants are literally all over the place nowadays.  Unlike Japanese shabu-shabu place which offers mostly meat, seafood or other raw ingredients, a Thai/Chinese suki restaurant usually comes with additional various stuffs to put in your hotpot – assorted dumplings, beef balls, seafood balls, noodles, mushrooms, fish belly, meat or seafood-rolled veggies, different types of tofu and many more, you name it.

One rainy (or was it cloudy?) evening, my friend and I who were feeling about to catch a cold, decided to warm ourselves with a suki dinner.  We ended up in Plaza Indonesia which is closest to our offices and I-ta Suki was our chosen spot.  The restaurant is weirdly placed with an escalator cutting through it, but that provides a pretty interesting people-observing scenery.

Here was the list of stuffs we picked from the refrigerating racks: stuffed shitake, fish balls with sea weed, lobster balls, special wonton, sirloin-rolled enoki, silk tofu, more enoki, and some veggies.  Our favorites were the lobster balls and sirloin-rolled enoki.  We also loved the clear non-spicy-but-refreshingly-soury tom yum broth with a very strong lemongrass flavor which proved to be quite soothing for our cold symptoms.  We ended our dinner with a sweet and yummy Thai coconut pudding dessert although we did have a bit of difficulty scooping the slightly tough coconut meat.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the lobster balls and sirloin-rolled enoki
What to try next time – dim sum and other Thai/Chinese cuisines
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  2 star
Damage around 100k per pax

I-ta Suki
Plaza Indonesia, 2nd Fl Unit EH-01
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta 10350
Ph: +6221 29923501

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