jackrabbit cuisine & libations

Dear fellow tasters,

The buzz around JackRabbit and the rise to fame and celebrity chefdom of its Chef de cuisine, Junior Rorimpandey or popularly known as Chef Juna in currently airing reality show Master Chef Indonesia, has more or less incited my curiosity about this culinary-slash-party establishment.  I actually couldn’t care less about the chef or the MCI, but I was still pretty excited when a friend finally asked me to go there for lunch, such a perfect escape from a dreary Wednesday office monotony.  After double taxi rides due to map misinterpretation, we managed to reach the front door and stepped into the cool shade of the entrance canopy bearing huge neon-light letters spelling out its name.

The snazzy retro red-accentuated bar with hundreds of liquor-carrying bottles was the first thing to be spotted.  Passing the smoking area with the comfortable-looking leather sofa, we were escorted to a table with straight-backed chairs in the back (why is it that health-compromising people should be given better treatment *sigh*).   The dining area itself is spacious, well air-conditioned, with high ceilings and tall glass windows allowing bright sunbeams to wander freely.  I liked the simple art-deco wooden theme, although my friend said that the place was too ‘manly’ (well, what can you expect from a place with a name starting with ‘jack’).

Taglined ‘cuisine and libations’ (if you don’t know what libation means, see the paper napkin picture in the gallery), JackRabbit’s food menu features a mix of good-old American cuisines with European and Asian influence.  The libations part was not explored much that afternoon and we only drank iced lychee tea and a bottle of Equil.  Much too early to get libational, I suppose.  On this occasion, we ordered a soup, two main courses and a dessert.

Complimentary; we were served bread and butter on a woody JackRabbit chopping board.  Two mini buns, a braided bread and a piece of herb cracker-like crust were accompanied by your regular salty butter and its herb-mixed twin.  All quite enjoyable.

Soup; the dark french mushrooms & truffle soup tasted a bit ordinary at first.  We actually preferred a cream-based soup but once we let the earthy shitake mushroom and delicate truffle flavor settle, it offered a light but delightful sensation.  The soup was also served with homemade baguette, layered by melted gruyere – I bet anyone will love the melted cheese part.

Fish; we picked the pistachio crusted opakapaka fish because of its unusual name.  The waiter said that it was a Hawaiian white fish (googled and found that it’s a pink snapper species).  It was beautifully presented along with kauai shrimp & mango salad, big kahuna salsa and some yellow rice.  The portion serving was suitable for my friend’s light eating preference.  Taste wise, the fish was quite delectable and we loved the crunchy skin (supposedly pistachio crusted but didn’t really get the nutty taste).  We also enjoyed the tasty sweet mango salad and the herby big kahuna salsa.

Grill; the southwestern 10 oz beef burger (US angus) was definitely no comparison to McDonald’s or even Burger King.  I would describe it as GIGANTIC!!!  Almost as thick as the massive burger bun, the medium-well beef patty was juicy and it crumbled when being cut into.  Inside the burger were layers of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onions, cheddar splayed with tangy bbq sauce.  On the side was a glass of smoked paprika fries which tasted quite nice although after a while the pepper powder taste proved to be a bit too much.

Dessert; my friend and I loved the freshly baked lava cake, served with edible jackrabbit chocolate, spiced chocolate leaf (pudding-like but tasteless) and caramel ice cream.  The lava cake was warm, sweet, melty and chocolaty.  The caramel ice cream and the cherry-filled jackrabbit chocolate were scrumptious as well.  I would say that the lunch couldn’t have ended more splendidly.

All in all, it was a superb ‘power’ lunch because I ate most of the gigantic burger and we’ll definitely hop back to the rabbit hole to venture the libations part of the package.  The service was also quite excellent although improvement can be quite beneficial especially with regards to clarification of terms and conditions of the running ‘pay one for two’ promo which was partially misunderstood.

PS: I added a damage note indicating spending for the tasting, hope that’s useful ^^

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the fish, burger and lava cake
What to try next time – might try the pasta, sandwich, maybe some duck and of course libational drinks, the free flow bellini sounds really tempting
Food rating  4 star
Price rating  $$$
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  3 star
Damage around 250k/pax full price, 180k/pax with promo

Cyber 2 Tower, Ground Floor
Jl. HR Rasuna Said X-5 No. 13 Jakarta 12190
Ph: +6221 29021357
Fax: +6221 29021612

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