Ocha & Bella

ocha & bella

Dear fellow tasters,

After the fabulous Luna Negra dinner, with an enticing reason that she didn’t feel like going home just yet on a long Friday night, one of my friends impulsively dragged me and another lady to go for a quick after-dinner session.  Choice of place: another recent addition to the bustling culinary scene in Jakarta, Ocha & Bella.  Looking at the name, Ocha (Japanese green tea) and Bella (Italian for beautiful), the culinary establishment boasts a mixed menu of both east and west sides of the world.  Located on the ground floor of the newly modern-architected Morrissey hotel-slash-apartment and in the proximity of premium Thamrin area, the restaurant features a modern yet retro, spacious yet minimalistic high-ceilinged tall-glassed dining area complete with open kitchen and burning pizza oven.  There’s also an outdoor garden area which we didn’t get to explore much but it looks pretty cozy and comfy.

Since we were feeling a bit full from the dinner, we only ordered one edible item, the fritto misto and some drinks.  I was feeling bubbly that night, so I ordered a sparkling wine by the glass to drink and get tipsy.  Although we only ordered one food item, the waiter served us a complimentary bread basket to munch while we waited for our orders to arrive.  The fritto misto appeared looking tasty – battered and deep-fried fish and calamari rings served with tangy tartar sauce.  Taste wise, it was quite enjoyable albeit the fact that the batter was a bit on the salty side and the fish (I think it was something mackerel-like) still had tiny bones which made it a hassle to eat.  However, my bubbly sparkly drink was everything I loved in an alcoholic drink.  The zonin moscato spumante tasted elegant, smooth, sweet, fruity, warming, and… bubbly as can be.  We will definitely go back there to try other food and drink items.

The taster’s notes :
Favorite dish/drink – liked the bubbly better than the food
What to try next time – will try food from the Italian and Japanese menu
Food rating  2 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  3 star

Ocha & Bella
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No. 70, Menteng, Jakarta 10340
Ph: +6221 3105777, +6221 3105999
Fax: +6221 3156777
twitter: @ocha_and_bella

4 responses to “Ocha & Bella

  1. Hi Deche, thank you for viewing the post ^^
    Definitely will check the link before I revisit Ocha & Bella

  2. I really like the concept of open kitchen. The ambience is so cozy and nice. They have a variety of food to choose from the menu. I recomment La Spada and Rosticciana Alla Griglia, I would eat those everyday.
    I know that now they also got some Fine Caviar Selection, for those that would like to try it. And oh…the desert is to die for!!! I had the Bellini…love love love it!

    The outdoor is decorated like mini garden terrace. Very comfy with rocking chairs and sofas, where you can stay and enjoy the night, a glass of wine and forget a bit about your daily problems! The whole concept is very chic and stylish, I like it.

    I really recommend this place!

    • Hi Dana, thank you for your wonderful comment.
      Sorry it took me so long to reply. I am thinking of trying more dishes from Ocha & Bella myself as well.

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