Tokio Kitchen

cherry blossoms decor @ tokio kitchen

Dear fellow tasters,

That same Friday that I had lunch at Zenbu turned out to be a Japanese day – Japanese for lunch and dinner – because for dinner I ended up at Central Park shopping mall, in a recently-opened all-Japanese food court, Tokio Kitchen.  Tokio Kitchen is set up like one of those modern food court where you have to grab a smart card upon entering and swipe the card every time you order something and then after you finished eating, you pay at the cashier upon exiting.  What I loved most about this place is the great ambiance, with the intricate Japanese details and decorations like the cherry blossoms tree and dragon-painted wall, making me feel like being transported to a spring festival alley somewhere in the land of the rising sun.

Just like your ordinary food court, the place is organized into food counters/kitchens offering different Japanese cuisines and delicacies such as sushi, udon, ramen, donburi, takoyaki, okonomiyaki,  teppanyaki, desserts, and drinks.  I was still feeling a bit full from lunch that I only ordered the nabeyaki udon.  A couple of friends also ordered the same thing, while others ordered the sanma shioyaki (didn’t get a picture of this) and the chicken katsu okonomiyaki.  My udon tasted pretty decent although I found it to be a bit strange that mine didn’t have the shitake mushroom and vegetables as compared to my friends’ nabeyaki which arrived later.  I did get a taste of the sanma shioyaki (grilled mackerel pike with salt) and the okonomiyaki and they both were quite delicious although the okonomiyaki here also used flour batter instead of just eggs.  Overall, Tokio Kitchen provides a great alternative to Japanese casual dining, although I do hope the food quality and taste might improve in the future.

The taster’s notes :
Favorite dish – I guess the nabeyaki udon and okonomiyaki were quite decent
What to try next time – maybe sushi and teppanyaki
Food rating  2 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  2 star
twitter: @TokioKitchen


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