White Hunter

white hunter

Dear fellow tasters,

Once upon a time, not long long ago but in the near past, not in a far far away kingdom but in the moderately-distanced South Jakartan Gandaria City shopping mall which I rarely visit,  my favorite couple and I were looking for a lunch place and we happened to decide on White Hunter.  Taglined ‘Ribs Grill Bar’, this restaurant is apparently managed by the same group from Han Gang and it features ribs, steak, pasta, and other selection of western menu.  Our orders that day: hubby – tenderloin steak, wifey – fajitas d’mezcla, me – sausage and dry chili spaghetti but eventually I got a great share of the fajitas.

Taste wise, I would say that the food tasted just a bit above par.  I did get to try a bite of the steak and it was fine but the appearance and portion were not that appetizing.  The fajitas were pretty enjoyable and great for sharing though the condiments, i.e. the guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and diced tomatoes, were not generous enough.  Finally, my spaghetti was quite tasty, however it was actually a first time for me finding scrambled egg inside the pasta which according to my friend made it taste like ‘mie tektek’.  Overall, it was a so-so lunch in a nice place, though from our observation the customers here mostly ordered the ribs menu, so that probably was their specialty.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – I’d say the fajitas
What to try next time – from observation most clientele ordered the ribs, might try that
Food rating  2 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  2 star



7 responses to “White Hunter

  1. ya, do order Sniper Steak on your next visit, really really good piece of meat, just mind the sauce and other sides……portion wise, a bit over priced

  2. Kalo menurut saya sih masing2 ada kelebihannya sendiri2. Tapi secara selera pribadi masih lebih suka Tony Roma’s. Saus White Hunter agak lebih asem dibanding Tony:)

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