Mad for Garlic

mad for garlic

Dear fellow tasters,

Fancy fighting vampires in your leisure time?  Then you might want to visit Mad for Garlic on a regular basis and use the garlic breath to scare off those neck-biting immortals.  This Korean-franchised Italian garlic and wine restaurant, located on ground floor West Mall Grand Indonesia, surely lives up to its name by offering various garlicky menu, from starters, salad, pasta, to pizza and other specialties.  Even the decor in the rustic medieval brick-walled dim-lighted dining area, like the chandelier, is made of garlic, or something that looks like garlic.

Last Friday evening, my friend and I decided to try out this place. Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly waitress but were immediately put off when we weren’t allowed to sit at the red-velvety comfy sofa table albeit there were several of them empty because they were meant for a group of four to six.  We were a bit dismayed and that meant one less star on the service rating, but we quickly brushed it off and turned our attention to the menu.  After long pondering, we finally ordered a dracula killer starter, a mushroom risotto, and a garlicpeno pasta.  We were feeling kind of rich (or is it stressful?) that we also ordered a bottle of houghton sauvignon blanc.

The dracula killer appeared first, thank heavens I’m not Edward Cullen.  The waiter grated some cheese on top of the still-hot olive-oil cooked garlic while telling us that the garlic should be enjoyed sandwiched inside the soft bread.  The killer tasted quite unique although the garlic flavor might be too much for some people because it was literally like eating whole garlic cloves.  I still found it to be quite enjoyable, however I couldn’t really taste the anchovy that was mentioned in the menu description.  Next one appearing was the mushroom risotto and it was the star of the evening.  My friend and I pretty much loved this rice menu with a perfect blending of mushroom, spinach, and garlic.  Whole garlic was existent in the risotto but somehow its flavor was not overwhelming the others.  The grilled chicken leg on top of it was also quite delicious.  Add a dash of grated parmesan and chili flake to the risotto and it was divine.

The garlicpeno pasta was served next and it tasted a bit ordinary, probably because it was meatless.  The pasta was similar to aglio olio but with Mexican jalapeno pepper and sprinkles of fried garlic slices.  I didn’t really get the jalapeno taste, maybe because the garlic flavor was much stronger.  Even so, the dinner was fun and enjoyable and the wine was pretty nice considering it was the cheapest on the white wine list.  Not yet a wine connoisseur, I would probably drink anything that could make me gleeful and tipsy.

PS: I used the background from the menu design from their website, I hope it’s not considered as a copyright infringement

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish/drink – the mushroom risotto and the houghton sauvignon blanc
What to try next time – suicide rice sounds tempting, maybe salad or pizza menu
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $$$ with alcohol / $$ without alcohol
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  2 star
twitter: @madforgarlicjkt


4 responses to “Mad for Garlic

  1. Nice write up again Mister! And hands down for using the word ‘albeit’. Hahaha. Well well, not so much Korean eh? I thought this resto is a mix of the two, Korean – Italian?

    Anw, If I were you, I’d challenge the waiter and continue sitting on the nice comfy sofa. I’d say to him “we pay for our food, thus we have the right to choose our preferred seats. if you don’t allow me to sit here, well then, its your loss, i’m not eating. bye.” #edisiempatiberlebih =p

  2. Ruby: Lol, I used ‘albeit’ to avoid using ‘although’ repetitively. I suppose the Korean twist is in the way they use garlic excessively and extensively in the menu as opposed a traditional Italian resto.

    Anyway, thank you for the #empatiberlebih, I guess my friend and I were just too nice we need to learn to be bad sometimes 😀

  3. guys, guys please be nice to your waiter, or they will spit on your meals ……. be nice, polite and friendly to your waiter, call them by name and you’ll get extra service, trust me on this !

  4. aanrianto: Well, I seldom complain to the waiters, even if I wait like half an hour for my food to arrive, or my orders come out wrong. Unless I’m in a very very bad mood LOL

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