Pempek @bing

pempek kapal selam, adaan, kulit @ pempek @bing

Dear fellow tasters,

Oh wow, just noticed that this blog got 10,000 hits already.  Thank you for reading my blabbers on food and eating places, lovely tasters.  It turned out I still got one more picture from my late gemini and I decided to write a quick post on it because the food here is great, and better yet, super cheap.  Pempek (some kind of fish cake) is a well-known Indonesian delicacy originating from Palembang, South Sumatra.  It is made from fish (most of the time tenggiri or mackerel) and tapioca, usually deep fried but many variations exist, and served with spicy, sweet, and sour vinegar-like sauce, called cuko.  Most authentic pempek can be found in their Palembang hometown, but save the travel hassle and try this pempek eatery instead.

Pempek @bing, that’s what this place is called, not sure why use the @ (at) symbol but I believe this place already existed way back before twitter’s birth.  Strategically located on Jalan Prof Dr Satrio close to Sudirman and Kuningan bustling scenery, @bing’s main and only menu is of course pempek.  That afternoon, surviving the scorching heat and smog-polluted motorcycle ride with some office friends, I managed to order some pempek for lunch, one kapal-selam (Indonesian for submarine, with chicken egg filling), two adaan (small round pempek), and one kulit (made from fish skin).  The pempek here surely was yummy.  The rich flavored cuko and sprinkle of ground ebi (dried shrimp) made it even yummier.  Best of all, I only spent less than 15k for the kapal-selam, and if I remembered correctly, the small pempek cost me 3,5k each.  And I think they do deliveries too.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – surely the pempek
What to try next time – will try other pempek types
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $
Ambiance rating  1 star
Service rating  2 star


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