Warung Kopi

kue lupis @ warung kopi

Dear fellow tasters,

When I hear the word ‘warung’ (literally translated as a food stall, or small shop), what I’m thinking is a shabby little bamboo hut selling home-cooked cheap eateries, but this ‘warung’ is something different.  It’s full air-conditioned, with nicely-designed interior, and is located in one of the biggest shopping mall in Jakarta, Grand Indonesia.  Nicely snugged in a corner somewhere inside Alun Alun Indonesia, a department store which offers inflated-priced Indonesian ethnic handicraft, souvenirs, and other merchandise, Warung Kopi offers a great place to enjoy traditional Indonesian cuisine, drinks, and snacks at a comfy mall setting, of course with mall price as well.

I had actually tried some of the food at this ‘warung’ but this time I only went there with a friend for some good-old traditional snacks to munch while we delightfully conversed.  We ordered two portion of snacks, the kue lupis and kue rangi.  Kue lupis is a glutinous rice snack covered with grated coconut and served with palm sugar sauce, widely known in Java area (if I’m not mistaken).  Meanwhile, kue rangi is a traditional Batavian (old colonial Jakartan) snack, made from a mix of sago and grated coconut, also served with thick palm sugar sauce.  Both snacks in Warung Kopi tasted quite nice although I liked the kue lupis better.  I couldn’t remember what my friend drank because I didn’t take a picture but I ordered the wedang ronde, a warming old-fashioned ginger water drink with three-colored glutinous balls in it.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – liked the kue lupis
What to try next time – something from the main course menu and other snacks
Food rating  3 star
Price rating  $$
Ambiance rating  3 star
Service rating  2 star


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