Makassar Seafood Pelangi

baronang bakar rica (grilled rica baronang fish ) @ makassar seafood pelangi

Dear fellow tasters,

Once in a while, it’s nice to step out of the air-conned shopping malls and fancy ambiance-selling restaurants to experience simple and humble yet rich and exotic Indonesian food culture.  One place to go is close to hawker food destination, Jalan Sabang, where you can find a renowned Makassar restaurant, namely Makassar Seafood Pelangi on Wahid Hasyim just near the busy intersection.  I went there with my couple friends and we ordered to share these menu: ‘baronang bakar rica’ (grilled baronang fish with spicy ‘rica’ on top), ‘nasi goreng merah’ (red fried rice), ‘mie titi’ (crispy noodle), and ‘cah kangkung’ (stir-fried water spinach).

The ‘baronang bakar rica’ was delicious and I particularly loved the green tomato slices and spicy ‘rica’ dressing which is a specialty of Sulawesian cuisine.  The red fried rice was just like regular fried rice, but the redness came from ang-kak (red yeast rice often used in Chinese food’s chasiu and Peking duck).  The ‘mie titi’ or also known as ‘mie kering’ (dried noodle) was actually a bit similar to Chinese’s crispy noodle dish (known mostly as ‘ifu mie’) but the noodle was thinner.  On top of the noodle was thick gravy of stir fried chicken, fish balls, shrimps, ear mushrooms, liver and vegetables.  The ‘cah kangkung’ tasted just fine but we had it to boost our veggies intake.  Overall the dinner was very enjoyable, even our orders were a bit much for the three of us.  Best of all, the price was quite wallet-friendly.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – ‘baronang bakar rica’ and ‘mie titi’
What to try next time – might try the famous Makassar dessert ‘es pallubutung’ and ‘es pisang ijo’, the fish head soup ‘soup ikan pallu mara’, or the pickled flying fish roe ‘acar tuing-tuing’
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 1 star
Service rating – 2 star


2 responses to “Makassar Seafood Pelangi

  1. Ricanya…yang warna merah dan hijau? Aya, sedap sekali. There aren’t too many foods I think more about than makanan Manado, and rica is one of the reasons why! Makasih untuk tulis bahasa Indo sama Inggris…

  2. buildingmybento: yes that’s correct. the post is about a Makassar restaurant, although there are some similarities with Manado food.

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