Marutama Ra-men

ebi ra-men @ marutama ra-men

Dear fellow tasters,

This one’s another Japanese post.  Gomen nasai, but I just couldn’t resist a good sushi or this time, a good ramen.  Marutama Ra-men is another recent addition to the ramen shops in Jakarta and I happened to stop by their Plaza Indonesia outlet twice already.  First visit was a solitary dinner and as I looked at the menu, there was only a few ramen menu and appetizers on one side, and nabemono (Japanese steamboat) menu on the other side.  So I decided to try the one with their name, Marutama Ra-men/Karashi Ra-men.  Not sure why there were two names on one menu item but if I was not mistaken, the karashi was the spicier one.

Tastewise, the ramen tasted quite delicious with thick rich yellowish chicken soup.  The noodle was straight (not wavy) and thinner than other ramen shops.  I liked the seaweed on top and how they let you choose the sliced meat topping (pork or chicken).  One thing I also loved was that there was a jar full of fried garlic to sprinkle on the ramen to make it more and more garlicky.  Another menu that I ordered was the yaki gyoza which tasted quite nice.  The next visit was with some friends and I ordered a different ramen menu, the Ebi Ra-men.  It tasted almost the same as the one I had before but in it was some king prawns and a dash of ebi shreds which made it even tastier.  However, my friends and I felt that the spicy version of the ramen was not really that spicy for our taste.  Fortunately, they provided some crushed chili on the side to really spice it up.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the ebi ra-men
What to try next time – might try the nabemono menu or other ramen and appetizer
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star


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