X.O Suki & Cuisine

one hotpot double taste @ x.o suki & cuisine

Dear fellow tasters,

It was the end of fasting month last year and I was invited to join a break fasting get-together with friends from former workplace and the chosen restaurant was X.O Suki & Cuisine at Senayan City shopping mall.  Several months later with almost the same group members, we were back at the same place for a join birthday treat.  Just like the name, the menu here splits into two main categories, the suki and the cuisine.

The Suki part (Thai steamboat or hot pot) was quite fun because we got to choose different stuffs to put in the the hot pot from the massive cooling racks, such as meat, seafood, dumplings, mushrooms, meat and seafood balls, noodles, and vegetables.  Some of my delicious faves would be the beef with enoki mushroom, tasty fish noodle, shrimp dumpling, fish belly, and the various seafood balls.  For the hot pot, there are two broth options, the savory clear broth or the spicy tom yum but for the indecisives, both can be shared in one hot pot.  The Cuisine part was mostly Chinese and the menu was quite extensive.  We didn’t get to try many but from what we had tasted, the chili and salt fried enoki, the crispy eel with chili and honey sauce, and the tofu with crab egg sauce, they were quite delicious.  For dessert, one item we had was the yummy coconut pudding, chilled and served in young coconut shell.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – liked most of the stuffs that I ate
What to try next time – suki with different items or other menu from the Cuisine part
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$ (FYI, I think the pay one for two suki promo using bca cc is still running)
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star



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