Dear fellow tasters,

This post is fresh from last week’s Thursday lunch and I think I’ll just write about this first before I go back and post other past tastings.  Pastis Kitchen and Bar, snugged in at Aston at Kuningan Suites apartment, has been on my list-of-restaurants-to-visit for quite some time.  So past noon that day, my friends and I battled against the neverending Jakartan traffic jam and the cruel glaring sun and landed in Pastis’ cozy snazzy chandelier-adorned lounge.  Ah, the bliss.

Once we soaked up the fabulous ambiance, we pondered over the supposedly Mediterranean inspired menu.  One side of the menu board displayed the brunch and breakfast, starters and snacks, and Asian kitchen selections while on the other side was the main course, pasta, and desserts and cheese offerings.  People say that their aglio olio pasta was a favorite but I was not really in the mood for pasta so I chose the ‘involtino di pollo’ instead.  Meanwhile, my friends, they both ordered the same thing from the monthly special menu, the ‘grilled seafood with mashed potatoes’.  I also ordered a ‘kiwiberry crush’ mocktail to drink (p.s. the mocktail was only slightly pricier than the iced tea that my friends ordered).

As we waited for our food, we were served a complimentary bread basket.  The bread tasted just ordinary but quite tasty if dipped in some olive oil and vinegar.  My friends’ food appeared first.  Three layers of grilled fish – salmon, dory, and another fish I couldn’t tell – and prawns were presented beautifully with sautéed diced green and red capsicum, corn, and green peas on a triangular platter.  On the side was the mashed potatoes with a white sauce.  One funny thing was that I heard my friends mentioning that the sauce smelled like durian.  Not really sure what was in the sauce, but I guessed the durian-like smell came from a cheese ingredient of some sort.  I did get to try a small slice of the salmon and prawn and they tasted pretty nice.  My involtino di pollo was no less appetizing.  The smoked-beef-and-mozarella-stuffed chicken breast roll was served with roasted potatoes, fresh tangy vegetable salad, and delicious mushroom sauce.  I would say that our meal definitely tasted above average but I supposed the fancy atmospheric backdrop provided an enhancing effect.  I was actually saving some place for dessert but one of my friend had to hurry back to her office, so that concluded our lovely lunch.  I would surely revisit Pastis for lunch or dinner if I have a chance, maybe order a pasta menu, sip some wine, and try the shaksoukla dessert.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the involtino di pollo
What to try next time – a pasta menu, maybe some wine and dessert
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 4 star
Service rating – 3 star
twitter: @pastisbackyard


2 responses to “Pastis

  1. Hi Niya, the portion is quite filling but not sure about the pasta or other menu.

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