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Dear fellow tasters,

More Japanese treats are coming.  This time it’s Takigawa, a Japanese fusion chain restaurant that you can find in several shopping malls around Jakarta.  I was taking a day off work that day for some personal reason and ended up in Grand Indonesia around lunch time.  Takigawa was offering 50% discount using certain credit card (and still is, I think) and I had never been there before, thus the decision.  The Grand Indonesia outlet was a bit small and crowded, probably because of the promotion but I still managed to secure a single table before waves of hungry customers are arriving.

I think I over-ordered a little bit that day, blame it on the credit card promo.  Just for one person, I ordered the takigawa kamameshi, small takigawa roll, takoyaki, and scallop in dynamite.  That’s more than a mouthful.  The takigawa roll appeared first.  I chose the small portion with only 4 pieces and they were pretty tasty for a baked-style sushi although I couldn’t really taste the duck liver pate mentioned in the menu description.  The takigawa kamameshi took a while to be served but it was the highlight of the lunch with the enjoyable and wonderful taste of eel, crab, salmon, scallop, prawn, chicken and vegetable in the steamed rice.  There was nothing extraordinary about the takoyaki, but the scallop in dynamite was quite delicious.  Served in a unique clamshell platter, the scallop pieces were baked with dynamite sauce and mozzarella cheese, though I felt that the portion was a bit small.  Scallops are pricey, no?

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the takigawa kamameshi and scallop in dynamite
What to try next time – might try other sushi, or a noodle menu
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star

twitter: @TakigawaID


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    • Hi anak jajan… thank you for visiting my blog… Sure, I’ll add your blog to my blog roll ^^

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