sumidon set @ ootoya

Dear fellow tasters,

This one’s another Japanese entry.  It was lunch time and I was by myself wandering around Plaza Indonesia when I came upon Ootoya, a restaurant which specializes in authentic home cooked Japanese food.  My order was a sumidon set with additional jako (baby salted anchovies) on the rice.  The sumidon is charcoal grilled beef served on top of rice with veggies and seaweed and it tasted pretty delicious.  The beef was thinly sliced and quite tender, served with special teriyaki-like sauce and the jako in the rice made it even tastier.  That day, there’s a promo for a free dessert using a certain credit card.  So, I chose the anmitsu maccha which came with mochi, sweet red bean, and yummy green tea ice cream.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a nice hearty home-cooked style Japanese meal.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – only had the sumidon and it was quite nice, also loved the anmitsu maccha
What to try next time – looking at the menu from the facebook page, maybe demi chicken or demi-burg
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 3 star



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