Sushi Tei: Hard Rock FM Lunch Box and More

lunch box @ sushi tei

Dear fellow tasters,

Sushi Tei is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Jakarta and last week I was lucky enough to win a quiz on Sushi Tei facebook page and get an invitation to join their Hard Rock FM Lunch Box event at the Plaza Senayan outlet.  So there I was, seated at a table of six with two other winners and their partners, listening to the radio host and his guests while waiting anxiously for what would appear in front of me.  The first plate that arrived on the table looked to be three pieces of  aburi salmon roll, two slices of hamachi sashimi, and two pieces of maki (not sure what fish these ones were from).  I particularly loved the aburi salmon roll with tamago and crabstick inside and aburi (partly grilled) salmon and tobiko on top.

The next two that appeared were two new salads introduced as Sushi Tei’s “Crazy for Veggies” promo, the ramen salad and the chef’s salad.  Both were quite tasty and refreshing, with a lot of different stuffs in it and served with tangy dressing.  A bowl of jako meshi was served next, though I could say that it was a bit plain and tasted just like its name, rice (meshi) with jako (tiny salty anchovies).  The lunch box were also accompanied with a bowl of miso shiru, a glass of kiwi mocktail, and ended with a big scoop of ice cream which made me feel really full.  Overall, I had a wonderful lunch though I was expecting more sushi and sashimi for the menu but I guess I had no reason to complain because I didn’t spend a single dime.

Now for the ‘more’ part, I’ve also put up some food shots from other past visits to Sushi Tei.  I usually go to the Plaza Indonesia branch because it’s the closest and as for how many times I’ve been there, I’ve lost count already.  For sushi rolls, my favorites would be the jumbo dragon roll, phoenix roll, special unagi roll (all three with yummy unagi), and of course the aburi salmon roll.  If I am on a budget with a sushi craving, I would order some gunkan sushi, probably with wakame, kurage, kani mayo toppings, or some nigiri sushi with various toppings.  There are also other delicious dishes such as udon, katsu curry rice, donburi, salads and many more.  Ahhh, I’m feeling full already, or should it be hungry?  Enjoy!!!

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – for the lunch box the aburi salmon roll and chef’s salad, sushi rolls with unagi, nabeyaki udon
What to try next time – still waiting for someone to treat me to lobster and uni lol
Food rating – 4 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 2 star

twitter: @Sushi_Tei_Indo


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