Steak Hotel by Holycow!

wagyu rib eye @ steak hotel

Dear fellow tasters,

Last Friday, I finally got a chance to try out Steak Hotel by Holycow!, a steakhouse that recently has gotten quite a buzz because of the relatively low price for wagyu steak and supposedly delicious taste.  My friends and I arrived around noon at the Senopati branch and expected to see a packed crowd and long waiting list, but fortunately the place looked a bit quiet probably because of the long weekend.  The place is not that spacious and only cooled down by huge electric fans which are no match for scorching Jakartan heat.  They even use plastic garden tables and benches which are cramped together that when you enjoy your steak, your backside might brush against the person behind you.  My friends also told me that if you don’t fill up the quota of four person a table, you might have to share the table with other customers.

Well, ambiance and comfort aside, I was still pretty excited about how the steak would taste like and placed an order for the wagyu rib eye.  Meanwhile, my friend ordered the wagyu tenderloin and his wifey the Australian tenderloin.  The wagyu tenderloin appeared first, looking pretty thick, medium in size, and really appetizing.  My friend looked to be enjoying it very much so I didn’t dare to bother him for a taste.  My wagyu rib eye was served medium-well, looked thinner than the tenderloin but much wider with some visible fat layers.  The steak tasted very tender and juicy and I especially liked the flavor from the herbs sprinkled on the steak.  I also tasted a slice of the Australian tenderloin but the steak was a bit chewy.  All of us ordered the steaks with the black pepper sauce which we all commented to be a bit salty.  Also, the fries that came with the steak were already cold and no longer crunchy.  Well, I guess I can say that Steak Hotel by Holycow! is the place to eat affordable great wagyu steak, but if you’re looking for ambiance you might want to look elsewhere.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the wagyu rib eye, didn’t taste the wagyu tenderloin but it looked delicious
What to try next time – the wagyu tenderloin or sirloin
Food rating – 3 star (just for the wagyu steaks)
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 1 star
Service rating – 2 star
twitter: @holycowsteak


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