Dear fellow tasters,

If you have a thing for obese obsession, then Satoo, at Shangri-La Hotel, might just be the perfect spot.  Not really sure how to pronounce the name, whether it be like in ‘lagoon’ or pronounced like ‘satu’, Indonesian translation for ‘one’, but the sure thing is that there are 12 (yes, twelve) open kitchen stations ready to satisfy your gluttonous appetite. One fine Saturday evening, some lady friends and I went there for our obese reunion and we ate and ate and ate to our heart’s (or should I say, stomach’s) content.

My dinner rundown started with the Indian plate, a little bit of curries, naan, dal (lentil curry), chicken tikka, and chutney.  Next, I went for a little sashimi (one complaint here was that the sashimi weren’t prepared before so I had to request the chef to slice me some raw fish).  Delicious Peking duck was next and I also sampled some of the Chinese food selection.  Then, I turned my plate to the Western station with some roast beef and fried shrimp.  I also picked some bread and cuts of various cheese which happened to be less noticed by everybody but I pretty much enjoyed.  Already feeling almost full, I still managed to fit in a steak from the barbeque station and a noodle bowl (though without the noodle, just the veggies, meatballs, and mushrooms).  For dessert, I had the green tea and chocolate mixed ice cream and some delightful cakes.  To drink, iced water was served, no extra charge required.  My friend also ordered some shangri-la choco-stamped cappuccino and hot tea which apparently were also already included in the buffet price.  Ah and one more thing, I also drank a glass of refreshing jamu kunyit asem (turmeric and tamarind) from the ‘jamu’ (traditional herbal drink) station which I think is pretty unique for a five-star hotel buffet.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – Indian food, sashimi, Peking duck
What to try next time – only took a glance at the pasta station and the iced shrimp and crab, so might try those next time
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$ (drag a friend with a platinum BCA card which offers pay one for two)
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 2 star


6 responses to “Satoo

  1. Lyn: I would recommend The Cafe for the taste, but for the price I would recommend Satoo especially if you or your friend have a BCA platinum CC 😀

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