Magnum Cafe

waffle aristocrat @ magnum cafe

Dear fellow tasters,

There’s a rave going on at Grand Indonesia shopping town level 5.  Magnum, a widely- known ice-cream product by Unilever’s food brand, Wall’s, is opening its three-month-only-pop-up cafe, the Magnum Cafe.  Queue is merciless, it feels like queuing for ‘sembako’ during famine.  That day when I tried to go there with a friend was a weekday around 5pm which should be a quiet hour for food businesses, but I still had to queue for around 1 hour to get a table for two which apparently is easier than for a larger group.  The place looked pretty nice for a temporary cafe establishment.  With royal victorian and monarchy theme and decoration, the place sure attracts a crowd that probably just queue to pose and take some narcissistic pictures.  I definitely loved the whole creative idea but how about the food?

The menu is mostly desserts, with magnum ice cream as the focus.  There are also other non-dessert menu but that afternoon some apparently was unavailable.  Initially my friend wanted to order some cannelloni dish but she had to change to the ‘Emperor’ which is a burger menu.  They also run out of any drink made with lemon, which made us have to change our drinks order as well.  As my friend is not really a sweet treat lover, she didn’t order any magnum creation dessert, however she also ordered a shrimp appetizer to share, the ‘Ace of Hearts’.  My order was actually the ‘Waffle Regalia’ which only has one magnum stick in it but the waitress probably misheard it and it became the ‘Waffle Aristocrat’ with two magnum sticks which I couldn’t even bother to complain about.

As for the taste, the ‘Ace of Hearts’ was pretty enjoyable.  The shrimp was garlicky and quite nice and the garlic bread just so-so.  My friend’s ‘Emperor’ was fairly standard.  The burger patty was quiet edible and the sauce made from chocolate was a bit unique.  My ‘Waffle Aristocrat’ appeared beautifully and very appetizing.  The waffle was topped with two magnum ice cream sticks and banana fritter with caramel sauce.  My first magnum tasted pretty yummy but two magnums proved to be too much for me because I couldn’t really share it with my friend and I still have the banana and waffle to finish.  All in all, the whole experience was quite enjoyable, I especially loved the great decor and the quote on the paper mat, ‘Life is like an ice cream! You have to lick it one day at a time’.  Food was fine, quite affordable and great for sharing but I am not really sure if it really is worth the standing in line for the queue.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – if I have to choose then probably the ‘Waffle Aristocrat’
What to order next time – will go there again only if there’s no queue
Food rating – 2 star
Price rating – $
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 2 star
Queue rating – 0.5 star


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