Tin Pan Alley

mushroom-stuffed chicken breast with white butter sauce @ tin pan alley

Dear fellow tasters,

For end of last year’s lunch, my friends suggested that we should try a new opening restaurant located in the latest Jakartan architectural landmark, UOB Plaza at Thamrin Nine.  Tin Pan Alley, the name taken from American music history, is serving comforting American bistro food with a cozy dimly-lighted black-dominated music-themed retro-feeling ambiance.  That day, there were four of us, two ladies and two gents.  The ladies ordered some pasta, the ‘old-fashioned mac and cheese’ and the ‘creamy mushroom chicken spaghetti’.  Meanwhile the other gent was having the ‘mushroom-stuffed chicken breast with white butter sauce’ and I decided to try the Christmas special ‘dijon spread roasted pork tenderloin’.  We also ordered some refreshing kiwi and strawberry lemonades to drink.

Verdict: The food was certainly better than average.  The pasta was pretty standard, yummy but nothing really special.  My pork tenderloin tasted quite nice and I particularly liked the sweet granny smith applesauce.  However, I would say the best dish that afternoon was the tasty mushroom-stuffed chicken breast.  The chicken and mushroom combination tasted just delightful and the white butter sauce was the perfect condiment.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – mushroom-stuffed chicken breast with white butter sauce
What to order next time – might try the all-day breakfast, burger/sandwich, or steak
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 3 star
Service rating – 3 star



4 responses to “Tin Pan Alley

  1. Rencana mau coba makan di sini, mumpung ada promo pake BCA 50% on main course, and 15% on other food 😀 till the end of April.

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