classic nachos @ chili's

Dear fellow tasters,

It was Christmas dinner with the ladies from my high school and their hubbies.  Chili’s on Sarinah, Thamrin was the appointed venue of the evening and I was only tagging along by last minute invitation.  Chili’s is an American franchise restaurant which apparently only opens one branch in Indonesia and they specializes in Texan-Mexican cuisine with an American family restaurant concept.  Interior and decor looked a bit shabby probably because it has existed at the same place for quite some time but the food was all what you’d expect, huge in portion, a bit pricey perhaps and not a healthy choice but definitely scrumptiously delicioso.

There were ten of us so we were able to order quite a lot of items from the menu which we shared, ate, sliced, munched and passed around like a big happy Mexican family.  Some of the super delish treats that we pretty much enjoyed would be the Triple Play appetizer sampler, the Classic Nachos, and the Mushroom Jack Combo Fajitas.  The Triple Play was a selection of three yummy appetizers, the Wings Over Buffalo, Southwestern Eggrolls, and Chicken Crispers.  One of my friends and I especially loved the Wings Over Buffalo that we ordered another round of it.  The Classic Nachos was also quite delectable, with a nice flowery shape and a thick layer of cheese on top.   The Mushjack Fajitas were perfect for sharing and two portion of them proved to be quite a lot for us that we regretted to see some leftovers when we paid for the bill.  We pretty much liked the grilled chicken and beef topped with mushroom and cheese, and served on a tortilla with veggies and guacamole for a deadly delectable fajitas.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – loved the wings, nachos, caesar salad, and fajitas
What to order next time – tacos, more wings and fajitas
Food rating – 4 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 3 star


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