Mr. Curry

chicken katsu curry rice @ mr. curry

Dear fellow tasters,

Ismaya Group, which has successfully brought Jakartan food lovers a series of great restaurants such as Social House, Kitchenette, and Blowfish, recently opened a Japanese curry house which quickly became another favorite addition to the bustling culinary scene in this beloved metropolitan.  Mr. Curry, the cutely-designed cartoon mascot, accompanied by his loyal kitty, Mango-nyan, is ready to welcome curry lovers to taste different choices of curry and curry-flavored menu from curry rice, pizza, pasta, naan bread, to ramen, donburi, omelette rice, and baked rice.  The dessert menu is no less appetizing, such as the unique stick cheesecake with different flavors and Doraemon’s favorite dorayaki.

I’ve been to Mr. Curry twice.  The first time, I ordered the chicken katsu curry rice while my friend was having the seafood curry rice.  I didn’t get to try my friend’s seafood curry but it certainly looked very yummy especially with all the clams.  My chicken katsu curry rice was also delicious, however the curry sauce was a bit sweet and not spicy enough for my taste (actually, when you order the curry there, there’s an option of different curry sauce and level of spiciness and I already ordered the very spicy one).  The mango lassie that I ordered to drink was also quite refreshing and enjoyable.  The second time, I decided to have a menu other than curry rice so I picked the scallop and chicken doria (baked rice with cheese) which turned out to be pretty tasty and cheesy though the scallops could have been more generous.  I loved a great amount of scallops hehehe.  Other than that, I also tried the strawberry stick cheesecake and green tea mini dorayaki which would be perfect for sweet-toothed tasters out there.

The taster’s notes:
Favorite dish – the chicken katsu curry rice and the green tea dorayaki
What to order next time – curious about the wasabi cheesecake, might also try pizza or naan and other desserts
Food rating – 3 star
Price rating – $$
Ambiance rating – 2 star
Service rating – 2 star


2 responses to “Mr. Curry

  1. Ah, I supposed to be in the tasting panel but couldn’t make it. Thanks for the write up. =) Anw, question, three stars out of …. ?

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